Earliest Stage Of Abortion

So after that when do you believe the baby should be killed? Now the fetus has the potential of human life it can be a millionaire or an olympian and maybe be the one to cure cancer. But it is stripped for the mother’s convenience. Even though abortion is a population control, it is still killing a baby and is very horrible. The baby can feel the abortion. I haven’t experienced it cause im here right now thank god, and thank god none of you were aborted.

But I imagine that it is painful, scary, and very inhumane. But when should we draw the line? Before the heartbeat? What about the adults with a pacemaker to keep a heartbeat. Should we just pull the plug for the convenience? No because that’s illegal and you would be charged with murder. Now what about a fetus? You can pull it out and stab it in the back of the head, and suck out its brains that's legal.

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A beautiful little baby can just killed and its legal. What about before the brain waves? Should we kill a person in a coma just for the convenience? What about if we know he or she is going to come out of it just fine? Let's say a nine month coma.

Let's see how a second trimester abortion works. There are two ways. Here’s the first way. First you will need a tube to suck out the amniotic fluids. The baby will be scared and try and crawl away.

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After that, you need a long toothed grasping clamp as you can see on the left. You need to reach into the woman’s private part and whatever you get a hold of, you yank as hard as you can and you usually pull out an arm or a leg. Now if a giant tweezer came and pulled off your arms and legs, It wouldn't be very comfortable would it? So you reach in and pull out all the limbs. Now you have to pull out the intestines and all the other insides. But some time during the procedure, you will feel the head where you have to open your full hand for it. You will have to squeeze the head until it’s`crushed. You will see white liquid ooze from your pliers and that’s the brain. You will have to pull out the rest of the body parts and arrange them as a full body. If you do leave body parts in the woman will come back infected. Here’s the other way. You will end up pulling out the fetus whole, you will have to stab the fetus in the head, and suck out the brains. Now the picture on the left seems gross but that's the hole made in the head to suck out the brains of the fetus.

The most sad part of abortion that I’ve ever seen or heard of is when an abortionist used a ultrasound of the baby while she was doing a normal abortion and she just wanted to see what it was like so when she watched it she saw the baby as she put the tube in it. The helpless little baby trying its hardest to swim away from the tube that would ultimately seal it’s doom. Once the tube had got hold of the baby, on the ultrasound she had saw the baby’s mouth hanging open and she heard a very faint scream. The baby was in agony through the procedure. She never did another abortion ever again.

Now what if the woman had been raped? Rape is a horrible crime and the rapist should be thrown in prison for a very long time, castrate, and maybe even kill them. Rape only makes up about one percent of all abortions. The baby did nothing wrong. Killing babies is wrong. If the baby will kill the mother during the mother during labor, which the chances are very slim, you may need to take the baby out early and treat it up to health as a baby coming out the womb early is very possible to handle. If the mother doesn’t want to keep the baby an abortion isn’t necessary put it in an adoption center there's no need to kill the innocent. A baby in the womb is the most innocent thing ever and people want to kill it for living.

Updated: Jun 03, 2022
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