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At the beginning of class, the movie I choose to discuss about is “The Devil Wears Prada”. This movie is about a young woman named Andy who is played by Anne Hathaway. Andy recently graduated from college and is looking to make her start in journalism. Instead she lands a job at a runway magazine as an assistant to the magazine editor Miranda Presley who is played by Meryl Steep. Her job is one that any girl would dream for, and she must find a way to survive her highly demanding boss.

This movie came out in 2006 and is still one of my favorite films to watch. Every time I watch this movie, I pick up on something different each time. Watching this movie again I noticed there being the largest difference in perception of the film and having to do with being a part of this class.

Before this class when watching this film, I took it for being face value of a romantic comedy.

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Also, my perception of this movie was being about love, girl power, and how the under dog comes out winning in the end. However, this time I noticed how gender, race, and class are subtle but have a large impact on the film. The first change I noticed was in regards to race, and how the actors and actresses are primarily white. However, Andy’s best friend Lilly is African American, although her lines are short and brief, and she is not a main character.

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Another African American character seen is James Hait who is a fashion designer and is an important client to the runway magazine. James is light skinned though and comes across more as acting white than a stereotypical African American that is typically seen.

An interesting part is how a lot of the extras shown in the movie for a few seconds are African American. Other diversity of race among the characters you cannot see or notice. The second change I noticed is how Miranda Presley the magazine editor is perceived in the film. When first seeing this movie, I took her character for being harsh, mean, and almost a villain in some ways. However, her character has a lot more depth than what is first seen. For instance, you see her with short pixie hair, and always wearing a suit jacket. You can also see the way she interacts with the other characters and it is easy to tell she is the boss and in control. Furthermore, you can see how she resembles being a “male” in a female’s body. For example, in the movie Andy and Christen are at dinner in Paris and are talking about Miranda.

Christen says she is the devil and does not see how Andy can work for her. Andy responds and supports Miranda by saying if she was a man, no one would notice anything different about her except that she is great at doing her job. In this moment you can see how much harsher Miranda is portrayed by others and being judge for her success due to her being a woman. One of the messages brought across in the film is how love and success does not equal one another, and how you must choose between the two. You can see this both in Miranda’s and Andy’s relationships. By the women focusing on work and doing well instead of taking part in domestic duties. You can see how the men are unable to cope with these changes and the dynamic of the relationship.

Miranda and Andy both end up losing their men in the film, except at the end. At the end of the film, Andy gets her man back, but only after walking away from her job at the runway magazine. Another change seen in the movie is the clear distinction between classes. Andy, her boyfriend, and friends are seen of being of lower class. The film shows this by where they live, the type of jobs they hold, and the reoccurring discussion of money. For example, when Andy’s boyfriend mentions about how expensive the strawberries where that he bought. Or when her best friend Lilly is overly excited about the very expensive purse Andy gives her. Also, in how her boyfriend and friends are dressed in simply, dark color of clothing that does not stand out. Compared to the upper class consisting of the characters who work at or with the runway magazine.

The clothing you see these characters wear is colorful and stands out. Also, their clothing is paired with scarves or jewelry that stands as a statement piece. Moreover, the décor you see in Miranda house, hotel, or at the magazine are elegant, bright, and colorful. Compared to Andy’s apartment that looks simply, little coloring, and older appliances and furniture. The upper-class characters you can see being at nice parities, at fashion shows in Paris, and eating nice meals like steak. Also, within the conversations between characters you see that money is never discussed. Compared to the lower class being seen at a bar or being at home. In the film doing this you can see how the interests and lifestyles are drastically different. Overall, changes I would to see in mainstream films are where women are able to be successful and able to find love, without having to choose between the two.

Also, in films show women being independent and having full control, rather than men holding the control rather being subtle and behind the scenes or being easily seen. Another change I would like to see is the main women not having to be overly attractive and being of a certain “type”. In watching movies now and in the future my behavior has already changed.  The reason being I now look for the deeper meaning in films, and what type of role and impact gender, race, and sexuality play. By noticing these differences and using to the tools I have learned will impact on weather I enjoy or like a film. Additionally, I have greater appreciation for the work and result that goes into making a film.

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