Duck and Cover Essay

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Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover

The society we live in today is so different than that of World War II. In that era the biggest threat of destroying society was the atomic bomb. In these times of today we face so many different threats of terrorism from other countries and from within our own cities. Even more than just terrorism, today’s society faces some many threats from within itself, such as Ganges in the inner cities, to the fall of inner city government through the influence from the sales of illegal drugs.

The survival of a nuclear act was and all ways will be one of society’s main concerns. The atomic boom was the center of fear because, the technology had just been discovered and other countries had the technology in their hands as will. The U.S. had no real protection for the people from being acted by other countries, for the most part it was a wait and see game played with the threats between two countries. It seem to have such an impact on the people of that time it changed their life styles, from saving money for the further too the build and stocking boom shelters in their back yards.

Comparing the threat nuclear war to the threat of terrorism today is different in many was in that terrorism has many different faces. Today’s terrorism comes not only from other countries but also comes from within the U.S. from some of our own people. Like the students of World War II, the students of today are still being taught to duck and cover, not for the fear of a boom but for the fear of a fellow student are someone with a cause, coming into the class and shooting it up. Technology has grown so much society of today really has no fear from other countries but more from the terrorism within the U.S… For some children of today duck and cover is practice in their own homes trying to stay safe from the threat, right
outside of their own front door.

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