The strengths of a flourishing company are very important in maintaining and preserving the company’s assets. T-Mobile stands at being the world’s seventh largest wireless provider, and the world’s third largest multi-national provider. T-Mobile also has a very strong brand equity and recognition in the United Kingdom and the United States, making it a key player in the world economy.

Many customers of T-Mobile have complained about poor wireless service and many dropped calls while using the service.

Customers have also complained about poor customer service such as through delayed refunds, etc. Another concern with T-Mobile is that they have no presence in emerging markets; they only have customers in developed countries.

There are many different opportunities for T-Mobile. T-Mobile is leading the upgrade from 3G to 4G service throughout the United States. Because the iPhone and Apple products have been sweeping the nation with enormous sales, the acquisition of the iPhone to T-Mobile will improve their presence within the industry.

The addition and growth of Wi-Fi-enabled tablets will also increase subscriptions in the company.

Possible threats are always a part and concern to every company that wants to become or sustain its success. With new rises in technology and rising competition within other companies, T-Mobile faces a very strong competitive market including AT&T and Verizon. Another threat that has affected many of other companies is the economic recession in the United States and Europe. Because of the recession, T-Mobile’s business has slowed down.

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T-Mobile also has a reputation for being slow to adapt to market changes and advances in technology.

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