Dual Transformation in Higher Education.

Arizona State University has embraced the principals of the dual transformation and repositioned its core business and created also “tomorrow’s” business very successfully.

To drive transformation A started by increasing dramatically research expenditures, adopting a focus on use-inspired research and increasing also the research projects “in place” -geographic- in sectors that are accessible and relevant to Arizona and the Phoenix metropolitan area such as resource management, solar and thermal energy, water scarcity, merging programs and departments and collaborating with key industries.

According to recent data from the National Science Foundation, ASU now ranks tenth of 724 universities without medical schools in total research expenditures ahead of California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and Carnegie Mellon University. The transformation A continued also in teaching and learning where carefully planned innovations and implemented strategies have allowed very high growth in enrolment, in retention and graduating rates.

At the transformation B the University first identified the neglected market of the customers who can’t attend a University course because of luck of time, because they are in diverse locations or from different socioeconomic backgrounds like for example older customers who are already working or children of low-income families.

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Then developed new business models and used partnerships in order to offer cheaper, more convenient but prestigious solutions. This phase B was coordinate primarily through an independent unit dedicated to the cultivation of technology-intensive disruptive ventures and first in 2009 was born the EDplus Unit where are offered online undergraduate and graduate degrees offered entirely online and from 1000 students in few years arrived to 25000.

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Then there are three more new offers, Realm 2 that brings the University close to non-traditional learners as in the Partnership with Starbucks where the University will provide a degree 25000 employees by 2025. Then ASU teaching and learning Realms 3 and 4 projects proceed more to the frontiers of university innovation and create a MOOC in partnership with MIT/Harvard University which is the first to offer course credit from an accredited university. The Realm 4 is dedicated to education through-exploration and aim to understand, integrate and form new approaches to learning using technology like developing platforms for game-based learning, adaptive or personalised learning.

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