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Is the way a person dresses important? It can be said: “yes”, it is. It is important not only for the impression he creates for the people around him, but also there is a more important factor- that the clothes a person wears makes them feel good. Whenever a person goes somewhere he is like a turtle, and his clothes are his shell, and when he goes somewhere he needs to be dressed well, and even if the occasion is not important, and he just goes for a walk with his dog, understanding that his “shell” looks nice, and perfectly suits him makes him feel more comfortable.

So, a person who wears nice clothes is more successful and self-confident. Unfortunately, according to what we can see not all people in society are following this straight forward principle. Most of them just don’t care about how they look, and then some of them might complain about being unsuccessful.

Maybe this carelessness could be a reason for their failures.

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Some people may argue that clothes are not so important, and it depends on a person, and how smart he is, and that only hard work can influence success. However, it does matter, and it is very important to have a nice clothes! How people dress affects the way they feel about themselves and the situation in which they perform. Dating and style coach and the founder of the Fashion Experts Network, Sheila Dicks, wrote in one of her articles, “How dressing affects your attitude and confidence”, that we don’t have to spend enormous amounts of money on our clothes, but the way we combine clothes and then introduce ourselves in them, may show our self-confidence and assurance.

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Dressing for many people seems very insignificant, and they don’t believe that it can affect attitude. “How people dress is related in some way to how they feel”, says Sheila Dicks. It makes sense, when we feel good we dress well, but when we are not in the mood we can look very stupid. However when we put on nice things, which we really enjoy, this automatically triggers our mood to be good, so we have more energy for the day, and things seem better for us. In Sheila’s article there’s written that there are some aspects that can increase attitude: 1) if a person knows the occasion where he’s going to be; 2) if he knows the audience he’s going to interact with; 3) he knows his own style; 4) if he has an idea of how to combine colors. 1) Tailoring according to the event is important in order not to look stupid in front of other people.

It can be just going shopping or going to a business lunch, but a person has to remember to dress according to the occasion. 2) The people who the individual is in contact with are considered to be an audience. Dress is an image of a person which he will be introduced in front of his friends, colleagues, enemies and so on. It also has to do with social situation; we don’t usually see a woman working in the supermarket and wearing a cocktail dress, because she has a suitable dress code which he must follow. 3) In everything we do we have our own personal style, which makes us distinguishable from each other. People express their style of clothes in clothes’ structure, material, shape, as well as accessories. Not all occasions suit a person’s personal style, but being aware of it helps to accommodate clothes for particular occasion.

There are people who look better in warm colors and others in cool colors. Each color has different description and can lead to different effect. (Self-Growth) The best compliment that somebody can make to another person is to say, “You look fantastic”. It means that the job that somebody did with his outfit is successful, and he succeed in impressing others. This compliment about the overall outfit, is even better than hearing about a specific part of the outfit, for example, the shoes, or a bag, or a coat… This compliment means that the person’s attire was successfully combined, with his self- confidence making the person look fantastic. It’s especially important when making a first impression.

Because when first meeting someone a good impression will be made. In a person’s life there’s a very important and significant step, which may influence their whole life, this step is to find a good job. It means that people should be responsible about finding work because nobody wants to lose out on a chance, so a person has to be very concerned about it. It’s when first impressions are made as well. According to CNN’s reports about what employers demand from people who went to the job interview, we can see that how we dress says a lot about us, and it forms an employer’s opinion and decides our future in the company (CNN.com/living). A company may not have a particular dress code, but they would like to see people working in appropriate and suitable clothes; the employers want to see a person with clean.

Also from this CNN survey we can see when an employer has to choose between two applicants, the one who was nicely dressed and feels very confident about himself, will get a job over the applicant who’s resume is just as good, but he is not well dressed well enough (CNN.com/living). Many people can argue with that and say that it is unfair, and an employer should not make decision based just on appearance, but unfortunately it’s true, and it’s really taking place. When this well- dressed person gets his dream- job, it doesn’t mean that he should stop trying to do his best while dressing every morning. Now he’s dressing not only to impress, but also to help himself to increase his productivity and self-confidence during this working period.

For example he may have very a important business meeting, and he might be nervous about it, but since he put on his chic and stylish suit, which seems like it was just made for his body structure; he is at least sure that the people he is going to meet with will like his look, and will be more friendly and more respectful. Then, when he finally meets them, and he sees their reaction toward him, it gives him more energy and more desire, and the aim is to impress them with his working skills as well. Basically, this example shows how a good suit can make signing a profitable business contract possible. Women like to impress not only business partners, but they’re also interested in impressing the men they meet socially. Being in a good physical shape and having a nice body is great; however it is even better if this body is covered with attractive clothing.

There is very good book “How to Dress for Success” by Edit Head where she gives a lot of good advice and tips about how to dress for success in different areas and also with men. It makes no difference whether a woman is just interested in a man for a relationship or as whether she sees in him a potential husband. In both examples she should put effort into choosing what to wear. Head writes that women should have an idea where and how the date is going to be, so she can choose the perfect outfit. If they go to a restaurant, or to the cinema, or to the opera, or just for a walk in the park she has to have an idea to what kind of clothes she will feel most comfortable in, and whether it will suit the place.

The man should also like her outfit, because if he doesn’t the whole mascarade was in vane (Chapter 2). Most men really don’t care whether a girl is clever or not, they will find that out later; firstly they fall in love with their eyes not with the girl’s intelligence. We can see that the way we dress is so important and it regulates our attitude. Wherever we go, we have to be dressed perfectly in order to feel more confident, and to make people more attracted to us.

Knowing how to combine clothes effectively and how to buy the ones that suit us is a very useful skill and knowledge to have; if a person finds something very nice, but unfortunately it doesn’t suit him, it means he shouldn’t buy it. Looking good increases our productivity as well; when we feel comfortable about our appearance we perform better in the work place. People who surround us also feel it, and they are more attracted to the person, who have strong self-esteem, and in know what they want. At work these people are more appreciated, and are more likely to get a good job, which leads to making good money, so basically dressing well helps us to make money. However, we don’t really see successful and rich people who dressing bad do we?

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