Dreaming Expository

Folio Task 3 – Expository Writing 1. To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Statement of explanation: This piece of writing is in the form of an expository essay. The purpose of this expository essay is to explore and discuss what it means to accomplish great things, and how these dreams and aspirations can be anything more than just a dream. This essay agrees with the statement that ‘to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. Saying that it is simply not enough to have dreams and goals, and it is also not enough just being a hard-working person. It takes a combination of both dreaming and aspiring to greater things, and also a person or people that are prepared to work hard and who believe in what they do, in order to eventually accomplish something ‘great’. The audience for this piece of writing is for a collection of expository essays written by students, for other students who may benefit from seeing other pieces of writing that relate to their studies.

Accomplishing great things does not often stray far from being persistently hard working. To accomplish great things, it often takes far more than just luck. It takes a combination of hard work, planning, having goals and ambitions and having belief in what you are striving to accomplish. For most people in life, ‘great things’ do not come easily, and do not come without the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made.

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For most, great things are a result of the belief and trust that one has within themselves, and the time, effort and planning that needs to be inaugurated for great things to be accomplished. Great feats will never be accomplished if there are no dreams or ambitions in the first place. It is true in saying that in order for great things to be accomplished, a lot of hard work and planning needs to be involved, but these great dreams and ambitions will never come true if they never existed in the first place.

In order for something to be ‘great’ and for it to seem satisfactorily accomplished, it needs to have started off as a simple pipedream or aspiration, so it has room to grow and develop fully into something great. There are no shortages of examples of dreams and aspirations in David Malouf’s Dream Stuff. For example in one of the short stories, Closer, the youngest of a very strict and religious family, Amy, dreams that one day her family will re-unite and her Uncle Charles will be accepted and loved once again by his family, forgiven of his sexuality.

It is never known if Uncle Charles will be re-united with his family, but it is certain that for Amy, dreaming about this happening makes it all seem more plausible and that it might one day actually come true. If Amy did not have this dream, this desire to see her Uncle walk back on to her side of the fence – both in the literal and metaphorical sense – then Amy would have lost hope and would not continue being the ambitious and optimistic girl that she is. Great things will never be accomplished or earned if hard work and planning is not somehow involved.

As much as there needs to be aspirations and goals for dreams to start, they will very rarely come true unless actions are implemented and planning is used. Hard work and planning are just as, if not more important than the initial spark that will hopefully turn out to one day be ‘great’. If a person truly wished to accomplish something great, then not only their heart, but also their mind must be entirely focussed on what they hope to achieve. They must know and understand what they want to accomplish, and then plan, work hard for it, invest time in it, and take action upon it.

This is the only way that a person can completely earn and feel wholly satisfied with what they desire to accomplish. For example, in David Malouf’s Blacksoil Country, another short story in Dream Stuff? the newly colonised family are an unsavoury and a somewhat unpleasant example of how some dreams, whether they are desired by all or not, can come true. The father of the family dreams of owning his own land for agricultural and farming purposes, and he takes his inquisitive 12 year old son and very unwilling wife to the outbacks of Australia.

But due to the lack of knowledge and poor communication, the son becomes the unfortunate victim and losing his life to the racial discrimination that was very prevalent in those days. But the father’s dream of owning is own land, and moving to Australia would not have come without hard work and it quite clearly did not come without any sacrifices. It is true to say that dreams and ambitions are very important and are a vital part of accomplishing great things. Great things cannot even be considered to be accomplished if there is no dream or goals or aspirations to begin with.

But it is also true to say that these dreams and ambitions cannot transpire or emerge from anything more than a dream, if hard work and planning is not involved. These dreams will rarely become anything more than just dreams if the person is not wholeheartedly committed and has full belief in what they are doing. In conclusion, it takes a combination of both – the initial dreams and aspirations, but also hard work, commitment, planning and most importantly, belief in what you are aiming to achieve.

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