“Dream Job” is one of the main focus in almost everyone life that seeking for success in their future. But who could of thought searching was one of the main key players in the search of pursuing the dream career. As we are living in a country with the most advance in the technology, where people able to search and look for their dream career through online search engine with no limited on the information that they can find. But the only concern was which search engine out there in the world wide web that have the capable to narrow down in giving the most up to date and right information that the searchers needed for their career search.

The most recent battle in the way of comparing the best search engine web sites was between Google and About.com; they were both famous search engine due to its best features but which engine will win the best and most useful search sites to the users to search for their dream career.

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My Dream Job

Before I’m going to discuss about the different and the useful of each search engine, I want to talk a little about my dream job. My dream job is to become a Mechanical Engineering and I’m going to used these different types of search engine to find information that relate or useful to my dream job. My main purpose is to search for the number of open jobs for Mechanical Engineering in the U.

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S, so I can get the idea of percentage of successful getting a job after I graduate.

Google Site as a Way to Find Work

And now, I am going to discuss the useful of Google search engine first. The most basic search results and the three main features that I am pointing it out about Google search engine was Anytime, Nearby, and Reading Level. For the basic, when I typed “Mechanical Engineering” into the search box, then I got a long list of results instantly, which was about 143,000,000 results.

With this basic search technique, I did get some good information but it was just so hard to find what I really need to search for because Google search engine was only try to gather any website information that relate or have these words “Mechanical Engineering” in the website content. I noticed that Google wasn’t helpful when I used the search term due to it so large in mean, which I thought if I change the search term into something more specific like “How many open jobs for Mechanical Engineering” then I might able to get search engine to narrow down to the main search topic. After I changed the search term, then I got a shorter list of results, which it was about 103,000,000 results. This is a very surprising result due to the fact of how smart Google search engine.

As a curious person like myself, I always want explore new features and try to narrow my search topic to a very closest results as I want to search. And Google did a very good job on their features that able to satisfy the searchers by given out the most advance search option such as Anytime, Nearby, and Reading Level. Therefor, I am able to use these features such as Anytime feature to find the number of open jobs for Mechanical Engineering in January or the past month or even the past year. Second best feature is the Nearby, where I can find the available jobs at my location or any other locations in the U.S. The last feature and also the best feature that suit for people, whom English is their second language, was the Reading Level feature where I can adjust the level from the basic to advance in searching to be more accurate as the results that I want to search for.


Another well-known search engine on the world wide webs that has become very popular in the past couple months was the About.com, due to it capable of filtering the unnecessary results and mainly focus on the search topic to give the researchers the best and the most closest results to the topic as possible. About.com has it own unique display on their page where people can skim thru the most popular articles on the webs or search for the specific categories. For this assignment, I am going to pick the Jobs & Career category on the About.com. I was very surprise due to the layout and the display of the page right at the very first moment that Jobs & Career category page open. The reason for my surprise was the setup of the page that it has all of its features layout at the very beginning before I even start my search, i.e. it ask for my type of job and where location I want to search for. I typed in “Mechanical Engineering” in the type of job box and “Tacoma” for the location box, then it gave me about 277 results in term of specific job open for my career in Tacoma location.

On the right side of the result page, it has a list of useful information such as Salary Estimate, Title, Company, etc. The results were very clear and show as job opening only, without type in the term “How many open jobs for Mechanical Engineering” This type of search engine is suit for people who ready to apply for a job because it’s only giving out jobs description and application for the search career. Thus, Google and About.com were both very useful online tools in the search for the dream career. They are both having its own unique way that giving the user the power to select and pick all the different options for their search topic. About.com (Jobs & Career category) is so focus on finding the open jobs for the career and it’s lack in giving information about the career.

The display of About.com is very nice and unique but it has so many features that list on the main page, which might cause the confusion for users. For Google, it’s very simple in their page display and it also has its own ways of setting for their features, where users able to explores and tweak things around to find the most closest search results for their dream career. But at the end of this assignment, the most easy and useful search engine that suit for students, whom search for their dream career, was Google search engine due its most advance in the features that have the best capability in filtering out all the unnecessary information to narrow to the target topic.

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