Boo Radley's Fifteen-Year Isolation: A Secret Diary

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Pretend you are Boo Radley (from To Eliminate a Mocking Bird). Compose your secret diary entry about how you have actually been penalized and kept in a virtual prison for fifteen years.

It has actually been so long since my daddy initially locked me up in this home. I indicate, I was only a teenager having a good time, I did not do anything major or anything. At initially, after a number of days penalty, it thought I would be finally set complimentary by daddy.

After a couple of weeks, I understood that it seemed I would never be discharge. I was correct- as the weeks turned into months, I comprehended how cruel my dad was and that my punishment would last forever.

After a year or 2, my father died. I was totally free to go outside into the world- well I might have gotten away from imprisonment if I truly wished to, however I did not wish to. My daddy left me mentally harmed and embarrassed of myself, and I did not and I do not want to reveal myself in the genuine world after such an extended period of time.

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As soon as Nathan arrived, things were simply the same as how they utilized to be with my father.

Being secured in this stuffy home permits me a great deal of time to myself. I get to check out the local documents- among the only 'high-ends' I am allowed to have and assess a great deal of things and ponder over them all day long.

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I think of how people are getting along in Maycomb as I see them stroll quite briskly in front of our house and I consider my father and what he did to me. I am typically in a pretty good mood all day long, but when my daddy enters your mind or Nathan strolls previous, anger and hatred swells up inside me. I also occupy my ideas by recollecting that excellent times I had when I was a teenager, but likewise look upon them with deep remorse, however I mainly ponder about the 2 young Finches who live next door ...

Everyday, I gaze through the shutters down through the street primary street of Maycomb. I see children playing and delight in watching them having and happy and gay time. I have actually continuously kept my eye on our 2 neighbours- Jem and his sibling, Scout. They play in their backyard and in the street, undoubtedly having a good time, and like all other children their age, avoid our house. I think they think it is haunted, by my ghost or some profanity like that. It amuses me but likewise makes me sad that I might be so much of a risk to these charming children, and I do wish my life might be as delighted as theirs.

Despite their fears of me, Jem and Scout even tried to have a look inside this house once to get a glimpse of me and also tried to communicate with me on several occasions. I have tried communicating with Jem and Scout, by leaving them a trinket or two in the knot-hole of one of the live oaks out the front of our house at night time. After some time, the children began to realise it was me leaving the surprises in the tree, and they decided to write me a little note. Nathan found the note, realised my only source of communication with the outside world and filled the knot-hole with cement.

I am only allowed to go outside at night under Nathan's supervision. Sometimes, Nathan does not even bother looking over me on my night-time strolls because he knows I will be back. I am too attached to this house and living indoors. I don't want to be released into a world that is too good for me, as my father used to say.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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