Description of the Film American Sniper

The American sniper is a movie highlighting an individual’s life who was highly honored for his achievement in Iraq. However, he drifts away from his family back at home in America. Majorly, the military officer, Chris Kyle, served for four service tours during the Iraq war. Chris Kyle did heroic things that led to his nickname legend during his service. The American Sniper mainly gives a description of Chris Kyle’s time both before and after the service in ways in which the war impacted his life at home.

Kyle is seen walking down the valley of death, and was ready to lose his life for the sake of his country at any time and all cost. Therefore, the film shows how he was experiencing numerous tours and critical tours between the two worlds he came across. The elements of wartime displayed in this movie include how Chris Kyle served four tours during the war in Iraq known as ‘Operation Iraq Freedom’ and how each time he went back for another trip, things started becoming real to him.

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Chris saw images that no one should ever have to see. Kyle’s first kill involved sniping out a mother and her son from their blindside with a grenade because they were seen running towards U.S soldiers. This scene was built up with so much intensity because the captain had given Chris a choice of either shooting or not, and he was put in this situation where he would either have 30 soldiers dead or wounded or him being credited with two kills.

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After the captain said, ‘good hell of a call, good looking out baby,’ he kept his sniper lens pointed on the little boy who lay on the ground dead. Chris’ beliefs and morals made him to hesitate and take long in pulling the trigger. The main reason he went into Navy Seals was because of a late-night news update that the U.S embassy was bombed and lots of women and children were either dead or gone missing. At that time, Chris wanted to protect his country and was ready to do anything in his power to not see one of his brothers in a casket going back home. A scene similar to this exists later in the movie.

However, this time Chris has been through 2 tours, and now he’s credited with 160 kills earning him the nickname the ‘Legend.’ He’s had two kids of his own, and loves them dearly. In this scene, a cab was driving down the street, and he passed the military conveyor, and spun into an alley. He came back out the alley with a bazooka and pointed it at the military conveyor, and Chris shot; the guy dropped. A little boy standing a couple of yards away from him ran to the deceased man, and he tried picking up the bazooka, but he was struggling. While the boy was trying to pick it up, Chris kept saying to himself ‘Don’t you pick it up…. Don’t you pick it up……(the boy finally gets it on his shoulder)…. ‘Drop it!’. Just before Kyle could pull the trigger, the little boy let go of the bazooka and ran away. Chris commenced gasping for air and choking a little because he was so scared of repeating his first kill and have to go through that moment again.

Chris was aware that war came with killing, and lives would be lost. However, he wasn’t in a position of acknowledging the fact that he would have to kill women and children. Besides, Chris knows evil remains to be evil, and he has to take care of evil with the aim of protecting his country. The element of family intertwines with war when Chris is frightening his wife and giving her the idea that Chris both wanted neither his family nor his marriage anymore every time he goes home from a tour and shows how the war had a great impact on him. Some of the scenes rooted in emotion include Kyle punching the glass while screaming to help his baby, a plane ride with caskets of U.S. soldiers, and Kyle broke down at the bar after returning home. These scenes contain compelling emotions behind them, which reaches many people. The scene of him in the hospital shows how to temperamental he is when he returns from tour 2. On the other hand, the scene of him in the bar illustrates how crushed the war has made him and showing signs of relapses. Furthermore, while he was at the bar he gets a call from his wife, and she asked ‘are you in Germany baby,’ and he replies ‘no I’m back in the states,’ and she says ‘oh…why aren’t you home’ and Chris says ‘you know, I just needed a minute,’ and she said, ‘come, home baby.’ The images Chris has seen show the analysis of the message on how such a striking, tragic experience can affect you. Chris Kyle says in the bar that he just ‘needed a minute.’

This shows that even though he had been on numerous tours for so long, in such a tense experience, it is hard to see your own family. This is an indication that the situation of Chris Kyle and the reasoning of the story are not only the significant accomplishments on the battlefield, which earned him the nickname ‘Legend’ but also how the aftermath had effect had an impact on his life. This shows that Chris is hurting from what happened in Iraq and he doesn’t want his family to see him like that. The family relationship is revealed in most parts of the film, and an emotional appeal is depicted upon calling his wife through the phone with intense combat thus making his wife panic because she could not understand what was going on. Kyle’s wife had just had two of kids of his, and was on her own back in the states taking care of them, and it’s hard for her. However, it’s even harder when Chris comes home and acts like he’s still in war zone by hearing dog sounds and lawnmowers startup. This relates to several Americans because lots of couples have kids, and the husband has to leave in December and be gone for a while leaving his wife on her own. It’s sad seeing a loved one go into war and not know whether you’ll see them in the next six or seven months. This film was created mainly to depict a bizarre movie showing the elements of real war and how military soldiers like Kyle fought in the four tours together.

The film can be something that is relatable to those having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When an American soul goes through war and sees the images that Chris saw and also see how evil it is in a world like Iraq, its saddening coming home because those images remain there forever. Therefore, you have PTSD, and need to get help. People with PTSD have this idea that they are in a war always setting with loud sounds and people running around. This movie shows how an American life can transform dramatically and the people around them. This film goes from excitement in the wedding to sadness when she gets the first call and hears someone being shot thinking it was Chris because he dropped the phone and started taking fire back. Many Americans can describe or picture this situation, and it may have an emotional impact on them on a more personal level which can only be imagined by those who haven’t had loved ones leave. Kyle brought the fight back to his kids and wife just like most American soldiers. It’s hard to forget what goes on in the war and seeing your brothers and sisters being shot. Furthermore, when you start seeing so many soldiers die, you want to keep going back for another tour so as to save everyone you can as a result leaving your family behind.

We know you’re protecting your family back home but not to the point where your war life is affecting them and making them sad. The overall purpose of this bizarre film was to appeal to an audience in the country to show Americans what Chris Kyle did for his country and how a connection can be created to many soldiers both at war and at home. The appeal of logos includes the story behind the movie. The movie goes in-depth on how Chris’ life changes so dramatically as the film goes on, the intensity increases and shows the effects of all of it. The movie shows how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), affected Chris at home as well as on the battlefield. The scenes of logos also play a major role in the purpose of the movie. These scenes show how the war affected his mental mind, such as the scene involving him yelling at the nurses to help his daughter. These various situations affect him and therefore give a vital emotional connection with the audience showing how it would feel. The logos in the scenes also show how such a dramatic experience can affect you.

The audience has a connection with Kyle because the movie is based on his perspective. Everything that happens in the film is from his mindset, causing the audience to sense everything he feels. This shows that the situation of Chris Kyle and the message of the story is not only about the significant accomplishments on the battlefield but also how the after- effects affected his life and his family. In conclusion, the movie calls to many different emotions and even more the perspective of being a war hero as Chris Kyle was on the battlefield. People that can relate to Chris’s situation immediately have that emotional connection. I can personally say that the movie ‘American Sniper’ did a terrific job of calling to my emotions and engaging me in how the war affects soldiers during and after the war.

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