American Sniper Book Evaluation

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About this essay
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Author background

Chris Kyle is a former rodeo star, and a former Navy SEAL who served in the United States Navy from 1999 to 2009 and is the author of the novel American Sniper.

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Kyle ended his rodeo career when he fell off a bronco and broke his hand, he ended up dropping out of college when this happened, so he went and talked to a recruiter for the military specifically the army. They talked and eventually the navy recruiter pulled him into his office and asked him ‘if he ever consider being a SEAL?’ He said no.

He was the rejected due to his hand, but then received a call from his recruiter a little while later asking him if he would like to attend BUDS(Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL School). When Kyle was a kid, his dad would take him out hunting where he learned how to shoot a rifle and he was good which is why he was later known in Iraq and the United States as one of the deadliest snipers.

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He served four tours in Iraq and had over 160 kills but according some even him it’s twice that number. Kyle was later discharged from the navy and when he came home he said he did struggle with adjusting to civilian life, he later wrote the novel American Sniper. Kyle died on February 2, 2013, when he and one of his friends were shot and killed at the Rough Creek Lodge shooting range in Texas. Kyle’s tragic accident, as a bronco rider pushed him to become a SEAL and gave him the experiences to help him write the novel American Sniper.

Summary of the book

Chris Kyle a retired Navy SEAL Sniper writes about what made him want to enlist in the military and what happened in his life while he was a Sniper for the United States Navy. In the book, Kyle tells us about the weapons he used while overseas, and the ones he especially preferred to use. Kyle also gives us information on what happened between him, his wife and child while he was gone, and had his wife insert her point of view in the book about what it was like for her while he was either away or at home with her and their kid. Kyle informs us on all the action he either saw or wished he’d seen, he also tells about how when he was on leave for any reason he always wished he was out working and taking down the bad guys. Kyle also tells us about his longest range Sniper kill while a seal overseas. In conclusion, Kyle’s story about his time as a seal in the United States Navy is adventurous yet serious at the same time, especially when Kyle talks about his time overseas and what all he went through he takes an even more serious tone at those points of the book.

Critical literary reviews

Washington Times reporter Joshua Sinai writes about Kyle’s book American Sniper and says ‘American Sniper is retired Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle’s gripping and dramatic account of how he became the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history, with more than 160 officially confirmed kills’; (Sinai). Although depending on the day you may get a different number from the Navy maybe higher sometimes depending on the day the number may even be lower, although Kyle did believe the number to be higher than 160.


The marshfield school district should consider purchasing the book American Sniper by Chris Kyle, because it would be beneficial to kids thinking of enlisting in the military or who are just looking for a good read. The book does meet the criteria of a nonfiction book, but i would not recommend it for kids who are not in high school just because some of the topics mentioned in the book might not be considered child appropriate, even though the book is entertaining and a good read.

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