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Description of Healthy and Unhealthy Food


Maintaining health is absolutely essential, so the risk of a person being infected with many diseases and health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and some cancers are reduced. The individual can maintain his/her physical, mental, and psychological health through many changes in lifestyle. In addition, food has great implication on our health it can change our live for the better.

Healthy and Unhealthy Food

Healthy food is the food that is rich in all the nutrients needed to obtain a strong body structure and a strong immune system, and the human being to eat healthy food in certain quantities and times to get the desired benefit of it, food provides people with the energy necessary to live his life and growth in the natural form, and they must Pay attention to what they are eating because their body will inevitably be affected by the quality of the food.

As we know healthy food has many benefits, some of them will be mentioned in this report.

For instance, healthy food gives the body the energy that is Needed, reduces digestive strikes, stress, spread of cancer cells and helps you in weight loss. There are many types healthy foods but the most valuable types according to scientists are fruits and vegetables, such as dark leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes and legumes.

Why Fast Food is Unhealthy?

However, most people these days eat fast and ready food. The fast food harms the body because of its content of industrial compounds, colorants and preservation materials.

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such types of food are rich in saturated fats and local foods, salted foods, spicy foods and fast food, unhealthy eating can cause a lot of diseases such as weight gain, heart disease, High blood pressure, diabetes, tooth decay and lack of focus. It also has an impact on the respiratory and nervous system ( Wikipedia . 2016 ) have some statistics that show us the percentage of healthy and unhealthy people. They demonstrate that %30 of the people around the world are eating healthy food while 70% of them are eating unhealthy food ‘ fast food ’. However, there are some useful solutions such as diet changing.

It is our duty to advise the community to change their diet. There are several ways to change the they are eating. The easiest way to start a diet gradually is by introducing some healthy meals between the main meals for example salad or eat some of fruits.

And if you make it hard for you, you should take part in the programs offered by some healthy food restaurants such as the World of diet and diet Center.


Finally, not just as we agreed that we must maintain our health and the basis of living in this life and there are some tips for the continuation of order, eating and health. For instance, you must exercise to obtain good health and a happy life. Also, you should follow a regular diet.

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