Demo Teaching Experience Essay

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Demo Teaching Experience

Knowing that one of the major requirements in principles of teaching is demo teaching. It makes me afraid because it is my waterloo to speak in front of many people. What makes me feel nervous in front is that I’m not that good in speaking especially using English language. But I found out that if I am prepared I can speak in front more comfortable and a little bit confident than when I’m not.

It is so happen that when the time comes that I will have my demo teaching, I’m not that prepared, and my lesson plan is not yet check. While ma’am Madela is checking my lesson plan I just listen to her suggestions because I know that it will me to have a better demo teaching experience. Since I still have time I think of some additional activities. This is it, it is already my turn. Do or die. I just pray that my nervousness won’t ruin my demo teaching experience.

And lastly I did it successfully I know that God guided me. I accepted the good and bad comments I know it is for my improvement for my next demo teaching. I am very happy because ma’am Madela told me that I have sense of humor which she said that it is a good quality of a teacher. And the management of the class is good but she said never argue with the pupils. What makes me happy is that ma’am Madela is happy of the demo teachers in that said day. For me it is a job well done, despite of my nervous.

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