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Demi Lovato Biography

Categories Gay, Gay Rights, Lgbt Rights, Music, Music Industry, Musicians

Essay, Pages 4 (993 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (993 words)

Demi Lovato is daughter to former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Dianna De La Garza, and engineer and musician, Patrick Lovato. She is a singer/songwriter, and an actress. She began her acting career, as well as, her singing career in 2007. She suffered from depression, an eating disorder, and she was bullied. The best thing to know about Demi, is her ability of not giving up, a few years ago she promised herself she would sing the National Anthem in a Superbowl and after over coming various obstacles, she accomplished her goal and performed in the Superbowl LIV.

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She is LGBT rights activist and is part of many organizations that have to do with the LGBT community as well as those who have to do with the struggles she went through.

Demi Lovato’s late, gay grandfather influenced her to be a supporter of the LGBT rights. She believes in gay marriage; she believes in equality. She has various songs that expressed her views and strong support towards the LGBT community.

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‘Cool for the Summer’ is about her thinking what it would like to be sexually involved with a woman. That its okay to be curious, and that experimenting is all right.

Demonstrating that they are afraid about what others might think. Although it is not a direct support to homosexual relationships, but admitting her curiosity, either way it’s letting people know that its okay to feel a certain way about someone, even if it’s the same sex. At the LA Parade she filmed the video for her song ‘Really Don’t Care’, where we can see her support for the LGBT community. What was initially a breakup song, turn into something to spread out her support, and express that it doesn’t matter who you love, love is love. Like I said, the lyrics to this song might not represent the LGBT community, but the video definitely does.

It ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, is also considered a gay anthem for modern generations. The lyrics to this song does not directly talk about gay rights or displays any of that in the video but many people from the LGBT community have made this anthem because they can identify with it. These songs inspire them, to feel good about themselves. This is the type of song, that makes you feel like the nest of the best, and I think that’s why a lot of them like it.

She has been named LA Pride Grand Parade Marshall and lead performer for NYC Pride week. She has become the face of Human Rights Campaign’s America’s for Marriage Equality as well. Lovato has been such a positive role model for today’s youth. She has sent messages through her lyrics and actions, she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and I think that’s is something we should all have. She has promoted various organizations that benefit society in many different ways. She even received the GLAAD Vanguard Award for making a difference and promoting equal rights for the LGBT community.

Demi mentioned how it was more than just a music award, and even teared up as she talked experiences that her friends had, not being able to come out as some people are not accepting. Her support for this community is so strong, she even canceled her North Carolina tour dates, along with Nick Jonas, after the Bathroom Bill was passed. They felt everyone should feel equal and accepted for who they are. Because of this, at the BBMAs she wore a shirt displayed the symbol for gender-neutral bathrooms, which was available for purchase. She then went on to give all that was raised to Equality NC and Time Out Youth.

An artist that has confronted the same issue as Demi Lovato is Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is a popular gay icon. In Gaga’s song, ‘Born This Way’ it talks about empowerment as well as accepting ourselves as who we are and not apologizing for it. It mentions the LGBT community and other minorities. This song became an anthem for the LGBT community. This song was like the shied to many that felt insecure about not being accepted, for example to Tim Cox. As he said, this song saved his life, people where now forced to understand that people were born this way and they can not change who they are.

Various people like, Tracy Young, John Savage, Elton John believed she nailed that song and that indeed it was going to be a gay anthem. Gage has done other things besides songs to show her support, she has attended Human Rights Campaigns, helped LGBT homeless youth and thanked them early on in her career after she won International Video of the Year at Canada’s MuchMusic Video Awards for ‘Poker Face’. She is also a supporter of the Human Rights Campaign and has her own foundation named, Born This Way Foundation. Sam Smith as we know is an openly gay singer.

In his song, ‘Him’, he talks about his struggles as a Church gay man, as well as the struggles of coming out whether you’re a boy or a girl with the challenges Catholicism’s anti-LGBT ideas. This song sort of attacks the Church and the people who don’t accept the LGBT community. His message through his lyrics are that it is okay to be gay, and that just because you are means that you are less loved by God. Many of his other songs like ‘Stay With Me’, where he is spending a night with a man, and ‘Lay Me Down’, which the video shows a gay wedding in a church, show their support as well. Just like many other artists, he shows his support through actions as well. He has decided to use gender-neutral pronouns, which he eliminates in most of his songs; at the 88th Annual Academy Awards, he dedicated his Oscar to the LGBT community all around the world. He also supports the Australian gay marriage campaign.

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