Deja Dead: The Classic Forensic Thriller

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Kathy Reichs, Canada crime. Dr. Temperance Brennan, or Tempe, a forensic anthropologist, that like to search for a crime scene and love to figure out the murderer. But need a break from her job and all of the skeletons, so she plans a vacation to Quebec City, and thought of visiting the Plains of Abraham. But only got a little time for it, after a moment she got call back for a big case, and because of that, she has to change the plan from her vacation, to go do her job.

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But where the body was hidden it had some background story, it was a historical spot that she got sent to. For her to be determined if the crime was a case for archaeology or the police officer.

Dr. Temperance Brennan, who is looking forward to a weekend away from the autopsy suite In Montreal, Quebec city an anthropologist, but didn’t even got to have any rest, she got a call and have to get out to go do her job. After have to left her weekend vacation and all of the plan that she made, she went to the place that the two men worker found the human skeletons wrapped in the plastic garbage bag, when she get a call that two quebec-hydro workers found a skeleton, near the historic burials were founds, at Le Grand S #233; minaire. She thought it might not be a coroner case. She thought it might be archaeological. But when she arrived at the crime scene, the three men who were talking together stop talking and look to her direction, then the officer told her she couldn’t park there.

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He has no idea who is she so she told him then he lead her to the body. but the body were missing pieces, such as the head and the limbs. After all the tests and searches, Dr. Temperance Brennan realizes that this crime case is not a case for the police, but it is the case for an anthropologist or an archaeological case not the coroner’s office case.

After all the tests that she can do such as studies the victim’s bones and the cause of death, she sent part of the body to the biology lab to determine the victim’s sex, age and do some missing people’s report to identify who the victim is. Because there are not much that she can do, since the body missing piece and has left for a pretty long time, it kinda hard for the examine part. When Tempe got a chance, she was able to determine the equipment that used to cut up the body of the victims. And she was also able to send garbage bags that were used for hiding the victim’s skeleton to the science LAB, for prints checking and DNA, to find something about the killer or victims. After all the searching and testing, Tempe begins to look back at all the murders that had committed crimes that are similar to this crime or have some of the same ways of doing things, such as cut-up body, keep the body for a long time and get away from the crime by just throw away the body. That makes her came up with the serial killer idea. She thinks there is something that is similar to another case, and that will give her more clue about who the killer is. But when she told her idea to the police and another person. No one believes that it can be a serial killer. One of the biggest problems was Inspector Luc Claude the homicide detective of the Montreal police community. Because he doesn’t believe her that this case can be related to the other cases. So he denied to even think about what she was talking about that the case can be related to the other cases, just like other people in the police community that can’t find anything that is related to any cases.

So Tempe chooses to investigate on her own, even though this might be a risk for her forensic anthropologist job and could make a lot of people angry about it, such as the police, inspector Luc Claude and the killer. It also will involve her and people that are close to her in danger, like her best friend Gabby, they were friends since, in school, both of them study anthropology. But while Tempe put all her effort into physical anthropology, Gabby change her mind from anthropology to the cultural research path. So they both got separated at this time that they just chose to do what they like. Now Gabby is studying in Montreal about the subculture of the hooker. And now it seems like she has been gotten involved in something dangerous. She has talked about some fear about her work, one night during dinner dates. Gabby called Tempe with a frightening sound, after three weeks that Gabby hasn’t contact Tempe. Tempe didn’t really take it seriously, cause gabby is always been a bit panic. When Gabby drops out of Tempe’s sight, Tempe feels annoyed with her more than worry about her. After all, Tempe has trouble of her own, about finding the related of the crime. So Tempe won’t worry about Gabby if Gabby will play the game, because her thought will come back and haunt herself. Finally, the police take tempe seriously and form a team to capture the criminal, after all the details came up and confirmed that there is a serial killer. They continued to search for the killer but they are still not close enough.

This book was written by Kathy Reichs and it was a crime in Canada, In Montreal, Dr. Temperance Brennan, that had left her bad marriage back home, in North Carolina, to work on her Forensic Anthropology job for the province of Quebec. After work so hard she decides to look for a weekend off, out of her job, and get some relaxation. After thinking through she made a plan to go to Quebec City for her weekend vacation. But then she got called to go do her job on a very serious crime, as her job Tempe has to make sure that this crime is not an archaeologist case, and that it is a case for the police. One look at the crime scene, and the skeleton of the victim’s body are stored neatly in plastic bags. She knows that she will have to spend time in the crime lab for atlas a week. Something about the crime scene is familiar for her, she thought the way that the body was hidden is similar to some cases and it gave her attention. As a pattern continues to be on the right place, Tempe put out all of her forensic science skills, including all the bone, tooth and bite mark that the skeleton have, After she did the x-ray microfluorescence, she got it that the case is related and to tell the police that to find the killer and stop him before he will do it again.

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