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 What is sisterhood? Sisterhood is based upon these essential qualities such as trust, loyalty, protection and emotional support. As well as being a role model for one another and never feeling alone, knowing that there’s always someone to lean on. Sisterhood is found, not Just at Bennett College but also all over the world starting with your family to long life friendships. It is a bond that is never broken. Sisterhood is built on trust and loyalty and without these things there is no bond.

Trust is being able to feel comfortable to open up to somebody and trusting them with your secrets. Letting your guard down and being vulnerable is a big step towards trust. Loyalty is being faithful and loyal to your sisters. Your sisters staying true to you through thick and thin and being there during all of your struggles. These are very important qualities for a sisterhood and if my sister is someone I know I can trust and are loyal then they will always have a place in my life.

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However, you have to give to get.

Therefore, if your sister is being good to you then you should also be good to them as well. Sisters are also there for your protection and emotional support as well. Being there when there’s no one else to turn to and when there’s no one there to save them. If your going through it and you feel like the world is out to get you then your sisters are the ones to turn to.

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If you feel threatened or scared they are the ones you go to. Sisterhood is a powerful thing that you grow from. It also improves your attitude as well.

It betters you as a person and teaches you how to become a uccessful young independent woman. I can relate to sisterhood because I’m the oldest of my two youngest sisters at home, Kamiyah and Mikaya. They look up to me not Just as a big sister but as a role model. I’m there for them through everything as they grow up, for advice and to Just have someone to sleep with at night when they don’t want to be alone. My sisters know that they can always come to me even if its to play and have a good time together. I teach them what’s right and what’s wrong and how to be a respectable young lady.

I will always cherish the bond I have with my younger sisters and some day I hope they will choose to be apart of the Bennett sisterhood as well. Sisters are forever and a bond that can never be broken. With all the qualities that I have mentioned you would always want your sister by your side. Whether you are sisters by blood or Just from a close friendship, once a sister always a sister. There’s nothing like having that close relationship with someone so I hope that every female gets the chance of being in a sisterhood one day.

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Definition - Life of a Sisterhood

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