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Essay on Decisions

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Factors influencing News editors’ decisions

Factors influencing News editors’ decisions Introduction             News form an important part in the society because it helps in providing people with information as well as keeping people updated on events and happenings that are taking place across the world. The factors which I think news editors consider in making a decision include: Age of the targeted audiences. The editors have noted that the age group of those who read the Newspapers and those who watch TVs is different in…...

WOT analysis: a tool for making better business decisions

SWOT analysis is defined as a list that is usually organized that outlines the business’s greatest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Conducting SWOT analysis helps the business owner to develop better strategies by making sure that all the factors that affect the business are taken into account. Both the strengths and weaknesses are concepts that come from within the business, for example, patents, location and reputation. The factors affect the business directly both positively and negatively. These factors can be…...

The Last Lecture

In this video, Randy Pausche, the Carnegie Mellon professor, is giving his last lecture. Although, he was fighting a terminal cancer, he was not talking about death, but about how to live in fullest. His last lecture is about his childhood dreams, enabling dreams of others, and about how we can try to achieve them. Randy’s speech is full of lessons which could be as valuable for students, workers, and housewives so long for managers, business owners, and executives. It…...

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Business Management of Estonian Air Company

Estonian Air is a regional airline carrier headquartered in Estonia in the Baltic region of Europe. The airline’s hub of operations is located in Estonia’s capital city of Tallinn at Tallinn Airport. This airport is the largest in the country. With the state government of Estonia owning a large equity percentage of the airline, Estonian Air is the national airline of the Country of Estonia. The Company currently operates a fleet of four aircraft providing flights to sixteen destinations throughout…...

Transcript of a Short Story A Moonlight Fable

A Moonlight Fable H.G.Wells Background Beginning Middle Ending Ending Cont. Middle Cont. Symbols H.G. Wells was an English author in the science fiction genre. He is known as the "Father of Science Fiction." He began studying in biology and soon wrote novels on the Darwinian theory. Wells is known for his haunting and unpredictable stories. A mother sews a suit for her son and he loves it so much he wants to wear it all the time. His mother insists…...

Natural Disaster and the Decisions That Follow

In the hurricanes’ wake, Nationwide received more than 119,000 claims collectively worth $850 million. Although dealing with those claims was difficult, even more difficult was Rommel’s later decision to cancel approximately 40,000 homeowners’ policies. Nationwide received a huge amount of mediaattention as a result, almost all negative. In reflecting on the decision, Rommel said, ―Pulling out was a soundbusiness decision. Was it good for the individual customer? No, I can’t say it was. But the rationale wassound.‖Hurricanes aren’t the only…...

Tottenham Hotspur PLC Case Study

Introduction The given case study is mainly concerned with the management decisions that are considered by the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Mr. Daniel Levy, in order to generate a steeper rise in revenues for the club. The major investments in question are the construction of a new stadium that is almost twice the present capacity, an improved practice facility and further improvement of the team through desired player acquisitions. But, Tottenham being a publicly owned club need to…...

Importance of Deductive Reasoning and Critical Thinking Skills

It is very important to understand what is known prior to making a decision. All facts need to be reviewed, wrote out, and reviewed again. By doing this it will help you in making your decision accurately. For example, the DQ question we had this week, I reviewed all facts, wrote them down, and went to figure out the solution by reviewing the facts step-by-step. After I done this, then I went over everything again, and had the same solution,…...

Case for critical thinking: A flood of decisions

1. What information sources (or potential information sources) could have been used to assist with the decision-making process for Wivenhoe Dam in this case? Potential information sources that could have been used to assist with the decision-making process for Wivenhoe Dam -SEQWater -Sought advice from Water Grid Manager -Water Commission -DERM (Department of Environmental Resource Management) Managerial decision-making Problem avoiders Problem solvers Problem seekers Approaches to decision making Classical decision model Behavioral decision model Judgmental decision model 2. With references…...

Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Background The aim of the cervical screening programme is to reduce the incidence of, and morbidity and mortality from, invasive cervical cancer. This is achieved by screening eligible women between the ages of 25 and 65 years. In my role as an acting Senior Biomedical Scientist in the cytology department, I screen and report negative and inadequate cervical samples in line with XXX protocols as well as facilitating the flow of abnormal cervical samples through to consultant pathologists and ensuring…...

Simple Living Sharing an Apartment vs Alone

Sharing an apartment with a roommate could be a good thing because a roommate can share your expenses and contribute to your home’s maintenance. When you share your apartment, you can save half of the money you spend every month. However, there are many ways in which sharing an apartment with a roommate can be disadvantageous, for example, no privacy, discomfort and fight. First of all, when you live with someone else, you sacrifice some privacy. Some activities that you…...

Buyer decision process

Marketing Thoery & Practice Q.13 What is meant by the 'buyer decision process' ? Explain the process , relating it to an individual's purchase of a new digital camera. Introduction: When a person makes a decision to buy something, basically, the product he want to buy is useful for him and he need it. Then he will go to find the "information" about that kind of goods from every seller and different brands. After he collect the information from ads,…...

Desion Making in Film Maria Full Of Grace

Maria is a spirited seventeen years old who lives in a small town in Colombia. She works for very low wages at a large industrial rose plantation. Maria comes from a family of four who desperately depend on her every paycheck just to get by in life. After so many years of working and struggling, she becomes dissatisfied with her life. Maria begins to seek more out of their daily routines. She makes drastic decisions out of desperation for a…...

Book Review of Home Soil by Irene Zabytko

House Soil is a story written by Irene Zabytko that occurs in Chicago during the Vietnam War. Bohdan, the narrator?s kid, is the main character of the plot. His interaction with his daddy throughout the story proves that he is reducing the pain that is within him. What caused this is the message that Zabytko meant for the reader; opportunities do not exist forever. Throughout the narrative Bohdan displays regret, home, and absolution as he realizes a chance has reoccured.…...

Reflection on Decision Making in Black Hawk Down

The name Black Hawk Down utilized as the title of this book in our context originated from the helicopter (UH-60 Black Hawk) used throughout the raid in Mogadishu. This raid is said to be among the most combative war Americans have actually ever participated in from that of Vietnam. The mission occurred in October 1993 when helicopters dropped American solders in the heart of Mogadishu with objective of snatching leading lieutenants of Somalia Warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid. This was under…...

Layoff and Strategic Downsizing Decisions

INTRUDUCTION Downsizing is a permanent reduction of workforce through layoffs and other means. Organizations usually downsize to save payroll costs and prevent bankruptcy during tight economic conditions. Downsizing, when done right, makes the organization more efficient, lean, and mean .On the other side, a faulty approach to downsizing can cause the organization to run the risk of losing key talent and intellectual capital, and becoming dysfunctional by breakdown of hierarchies and systems. The criteria adopted for who stays and who…...

Any Kind Checks Cashed vs Talcott Court’s Decision

According to the UCC, a holder in due course is a holder who takes an instrument for value in good faith and devoid of notice of assured claims, as well as defenses on the instrument. It is imperative in the case of ‘Any Kind Checks Cashed, Inc. v. Talcott’ to determine if the holder of the instrument acted in good faith, in fair dealing as is compulsory in order to be considered the holder in due course. According to the…...

My Senior Year and My Decisions

I like my secondary school and senior year due to the fact that this is the duration I rediscovered myself. Though laced with a great deal of dispute in between me and the teachers and moms and dads I ultimately came to appreciate their efforts to design me to be the accountable citizen I have actually come up to be. In my senior class I pertained to like my good friends that we utilized to play basketball with. The most…...

Solving Problems and Making Decisions by College Teacher

I work for SGS College in Bristol. The college caters for 16-19 years of age learners and also supplies education for adult students, with a vast array obviously. We have an extremely effective sports academy and generally excellent facilities throughout the college which offer expert training. I operate in the Exams group and my function is to sign up, claim and maintain numerous courses through different boards. I am personally responsible for all BTEC, NVQ and OCN courses. I also…...

Life Changing Decisions

Many women in modern society make life altering decisions on a daily basis. Women today have prestigious and powerful careers unlike in earlier eras. It is more common for women to be full time employees than homemakers. In 1879, when Henrik Ibsen wrote “A Doll's House”, there was great controversy over the outcome of the play. Nora’s walking out on her husband and children was appalling to many audiences centuries ago. Divorce was unspoken, and a very uncommon occurrence. As…...

Decicions for Marginal Benefits And Marginal Costs

The first principle can be summarized with the following phrase “There’s never a free lunch” every time that you need something you have to give something in return. One example is an employee that needs a particular day off. He could just miss work and not get paid or ask for a change of schedule and not miss work. This allows flexibility or compromise between parties. Previous to making any decisions on the trade off you should always consider the…...

Are Reason and Emotion Equally Necessary in Justifying Moral Decisions

Emotion and factor are two various methods of understanding however can both be used in the very same scenario. Nevertheless, does one have a higher weighting than the other when it pertains to making moral choices? Utilizing reason to make an understanding claim or moral choice requires rationality and is understandable, meaning that everybody would be able to understand the argument for it. Emotion on the other hand is normally merely a 'suspicion' or an opinion of an individual and…...

Judiciary and Stare Decisis

The doctrine of judicial precedent is based on stare decisis. That is the standing by of previous decisions. Once a point of law has been decided in a particular case, that law must be applied in all future cases containing the same material facts. For example in the case of Donoghue v Stevenson[1932] AC 562, (Case summary). The House of Lords held that a manufacturer owed a duty of care to the ultimate consumer of the product. This set a…...

Hasty Decisions in Romeo and Juliet

The tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet hosts a plethora of hastily made decisions. As ill-fated as the two star-crossed lovers may have been, the root of all their problems can be traced back to their rash decisions. The reason Romeo and Juliet meet in the first place is because Romeo and Benvolio decide on a whim that they are going to go to the Capulet party to show Romeo that there are other beauties besides Rosaline. After this all…...

Think Before You Act

In our fast-paced world, where everything revolves around you, arises a strong need to be able to think quickly and make decisions instantly. However, as the tendency shows, people opt to take hasty decisions, instead of slowing down and thinking over. Because of these impulsive actions, they have to face the consequence that may be far from those expected. To avoid the undependable outcome, we need to learn the golden rule – think before you act. It sounds simplistic and…...

Principles of Individual Decision-Making

Date In life, we have to make a decision just about everything that we do. These decisions affect our daily lives and they sometimes they affect the lives of those around us. When making these decisions there are make factors that go into making a final one. In economics there are four principles that effect how a person makes a decision (Mankiw, 2007): • People face trade-offs. • The cost of something is what you give up to get it.…...

It Worth Being Polite in Making Complaints

We all complain about things in our lives, whether it's our job, people in our lives, little inconveniences, the state of the world... we all like to complain when things are not like we want them to be. It is how we express our unhappiness and dissatisfaction. But shall we complain so much? In my opinion, sometimes we can complain but not often, because complain is not a good way to solve problem. First, a skimpy complaint is of little…...

A Contemporary Introduction to Free Choice

In this essay, I will describe Galen Strawson's hesitant view of free choice as provided in Robert Kane's book A Contemporary Introduction to Free Choice. I will attempt to show Strawson's thinking behind his arguments, and how he thinks that his argument holds fast regardless which side of the fence you fall on in the argument about the reality of determinism. I will specify the idea of ultimate moral duty (UMR) and demonstrate how it plays a basic function in…...

The Debate Between Freewill And Determinism

Discuss the claim that we humans have no real freedom of choice. Throughout history, the problem of freewill vs. determinism has sparked major debates between philosophers. The debate between freewill and determinism stems from the apparent conflict between the universal rule of causality that is deeply rooted in nature, and between the apparent ability of human beings to choose between multiple courses of action in order to lead to the most desirable outcome. The universal rule of causality simply claims…...

Sartre View on Free Will

Sartre proposes an interesting view on free will when he says, "either man is wholly determined or else man is wholly free. " This quote shows us that Sartre believes that man is free to do what he wants. For Sartre, freedom is the most basic value, which renders possible all other values the way our fundamental plan precedes and grounds our small choices. In that sense freedom is the source of all values. It is not logically possible to…...

One Lie Leads to Another Lie - Decision and Consequences

Saira was a sixteen-year-old girl. She belonged to a middle class family and had a friend, Amna, who belonged to a very rich family. Amna was not good at studies like Saira and talked all the time about fashion, jewellery, concerts and parties, etc. Saira also wanted to do all the things that Amna did. One day Amna told her that she is going to Pak Towers with some other friends and asked her to join them. Saira knew that…...

Arthur Shopenhauer and Immanuel Kant

Free will is considered as having the ability to choose a course of action solely based on one’s character. Immanuel Kant argues that humans have free will and act accordingly, while Arthur Shopenhauer suggests that humans are delusional and desire to have free will, yet they are lead by laws of nature and motives only. Perceiving ourselves as acting with free will is just to satisfy the metaphysical requirement on being responsible for one's action. Free will is a phenomenon…...

Bad Decisions

I have realized recently that friends should not have any affect at all on the decisions you make in life. It does not matter whether you are a middle school student, high school student, college student, or even a grown and mature adult. Making a wrong decision at the wrong time can have many negative affects on life, I know because I've been there. A wrong decision might only affect you temporarily or it could stay with you for the…...

Alexander Gavin's Dilemma

I. Perspective: Professor Hennessey II. Declaration of the Problem: The predicament of Alexander whether to accept the offer or jeopardize his principles. III. Objective/s: 1. Appeal on the proposal and continue to the routine bidding procedure. 2. Advocate appropriate sound company ethics. IV. Locations of consideration: 1. Alexander Gavin, an Elder Task Manager of El Sahd Building And Construction Company in Kuwait. Mr. Gavin was used a proposition by the Ajax's Supervisor to increase the bid total up to $33…...

Choices And Consequences in Yes Man Movie

Los Angeles bank loan officer Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) has become withdrawn since his divorce from ex-wife Stephanie (Molly Sims). Routinely ignoring his friends Pete (Bradley Cooper) and Rooney (Danny Masterson), he has an increasingly negative outlook on his life. One day, an old colleague suggests that he goes to a "Yes! " seminar with him, which encourages its attendants to seize the opportunity to say "Yes! ". Carl considers the option, but subsequently misses Pete's engagement party. An irate…...

Decisions Louis XIV Made as a Ruler

Want an effective leader? Then Louis XIV would not be a great choice. I believe he is an ineffective leader because of a few reasons; one, he lost all four wars that he placed wages on, leading France to bankruptcy. Two, he failed at his goal of becoming the master of Europe. And third, because protestants would not convert to Catholicism, he threatened to kick them out if they didn’t convert or execute them if they stayed, because they left,…...

FAQ about Decisions

When Should Parents Let Teens Make Their Own Decisions

...The mass media is in the business of affecting how and what people think. To believe that people are able to disregard everything they perceive in the entertainment media because the scenarios presented aren't literally "true," or because they are lo ...

How market structures determine the pricing and output decisions of businesses

...Cultural environment can be of two types: Internal Culture - Any attitude, behavior, action or policy developed among people in the company is called the internal culture of the company. Apples internal culture is that there is a team work system amo ...

How Do people make economic decisions

...Mixed economies rely in the state and the private sector to make decisions on the market economy and economic system. In a free market people purchase and sell services and goods. In this type of market people are free to interact. In a communist eco ...

How Do Others People's Feelings Influence Our Decisions?

...My conclusion, we don't want to hurt other people's feelings because we care about them, and we don't want to hurt their feelings. If our decisions hurt their feelings, we will consider it again. There's this quote that I like, by Keri Russell, "Some ...

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