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Decades ago my father left the comfort of his home in India

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Decades ago, my father left the comfort of his home in India to start anew in the mountainous landscape of Oman towards the beginning of its economic bloom. As a young entrepreneur, he decided to build a small-scale business from scratch. Inspired by his resilience, I desired to manage a business from my earliest years. Thereafter, I have been fortunate to engage in the banking and manufacturing industries with a British firm and an Omani company in India and Oman respectively.

However, I believe that further education will supplement my professional knowledge and enhance my ability to provide creative business solutions. The GOI-IES, would thus offer a stable boost both education wise and financially towards realising my career goals.

As a newcomer to Ireland, the GOE-IES will diminish any unfamiliarity by introducing a direct passage to connect with the local county council’s leadership. Such encounters would hone my problem solving and negotiation skills in critical business situations while providing extensive solutions to clients.

Collaborating with other GOE-IES scholars would also sharpen my teamwork skills.

Engaging with professionals from diverse walks of life, across my past environments has made me more understanding of the various cultural nuances at the workplace. This exposure would better equip me to tackle cross-cultural conflict that could arise. At this early stage in my career, I am eager to stay flexible and learn as much as I could possibly assimilate from the consulting industry. Through the ties with GOI-IES, I can confidently begin my career in consulting in one of the most globalised economies that is Ireland.

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With the plethora of activities through the GOI-IES platform, I eagerly look forward to actively represent the Irish brand at the local and international level. For example, utilising the vehicles of promotion and alumni networking, I seek to build significant contacts that would allow me and my fellow scholars in encouraging the endorsement of Irish organisations at the global level. These connections would likewise benefit us to prosper in international ventures. Enriching Ireland’s relationship with our respective home countries will enable us to prevail as valuable assets to Ireland.

As an international student, I would be delighted to participate in this smart education system where the internationalisation of education is well-recognised. Not only do I greatly appreciate the Government of Ireland’s celebration of cultural unity through education, but I’m also impressed with this expert strategy towards the globalisation of its home economy. In stark contrast to Ireland, my home countries of Oman and India are light years behind in this respect. I trust that both these nations could strategically benefit from encouraging stronger and continued enrollment of international students. Undoubtedly, I desire to take this mode of education to my home countries as it would incubate different perspectives and solutions towards national challenges. With the current market knowledge that I have acquired on Oman’s economy, alongside significant links with the Government through the scholarship scheme, I would seize every opportunity to intellectually nurture the resident businesses in Oman.

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