Dangerous Effects of Smoking Tobacco

I am worried about how your life will turn out. I know that you believe smoking is harmless, but it is in fact harmful to the body.You are only 14 and ⅓ of people who smoke when they are in their adolescent years, die from smoke related causes. Smoking is bad and there are reasons you need to stop smoking.

There are different types of substances in cigarettes that make cigarettes unhealthy,such as harmful gases and chemicals. Some are Cyanide, Formaldehyde, Arsenic, Carbon Monoxide, and Tar.

Understandably, those may not catch your eye, but two other products are nicotine and urea. Urea is a substance that is excreted from the kidneys through urine, while nicotine is a harmful addictive drug that is found in cigarettes. These horrendous ingredients are just covered by flavoring. The flavoring and nicotine make you need more and more, and this makes you spend a lot of money.

Cigarette companies intrigue users with advertising and once you are further into the addiction, you will have spent thousands in one year, on cigarettes.

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Not only will you waste your money, you will be wasting your money on something that is unbeneficial to your health. In the cigarettes that you smoke, there is another substance called tobacco. Tobacco can cause heart and lung diseases.

When you are pregnant, tobacco can also affect your child. Tobacco smoke is able to harm an unborn baby that is inside its mother. In result to the tobacco smoke being taken in by the baby, it will have a low birth weight and/or other complications.

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In addition to that around 6,200 babies die each year,because their mothers’ smoked while they were pregnant. If you do not realize how smoking is dangerous, this statistic might resemble a dark time in your life.

If you do decide to stop this bad habit of smoking, there are going to be some rough patches.Withdrawing from the substance nicotine is a long process ,but it will lead you to a successful lifestyle. Some techniques to stop quitting smoking, is using a filter or a nicotine substitute. Nicotine substitutes contain manufactured forms of nicotine that transport small amounts of the drug into the system of someone trying to give up cigarettes.

Filters help filter out the tar and nicotine amount ingested over time.This can help you quit, because the intake of nicotine is gradually less. Unfortunately,with less of the addictive drug in your system, your mood can change. Withdrawal can make you have mood swings, irregular sleep patterns, and make you feel nervous. Fortunately your body will be able to adapt to the changes and these side effects will only last for a short period of time.

Even though smoking makes you happy,if you stop smoking,you do not have to be a slave to cigarettes, you can finally be free. Smoking has controlled your life and it can cause relationships to fall through. I care about you and it hurts to see you damaging yourself with each cigarette that you smoke. Quitting smoking can bring you happiness without putting your life in danger and will give you a sense of freedom.

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