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Early childhood from 0-6 years is under the responsibility of the municipalities , and primary education between sates and municipalities. We could aim our main targets (children) between the age of 6- 25 in schools, colleges, etc. We could promote our innocent smoothy drinks at schools and other places for cheap prices or of no price at all at the beginning when our business would need recognition.

We could have different flavours with different kinds of fruits to attract children and make it a more healthier drink for them and as acai berry is high in nutritional value and it contains vitamin a, vitamin e, iron, calcium,etc which is required for a growing The acai berries are found from a palm that has a long thin trunk unto 25m high with a group of branches at the top from which hangs ribbon like leaves.

It has a life span of 24 hours (the properties in the juice are active till 24 hours only), so they should be loaded into baskets and onto the boats by the west part of Brazil, Belem's market.

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Then they can be crushed and mixed in smoothies, juices, ice creams, etc. Consumers and distributors across the world have recognised the health benefits of Acai juice and sales have confirmed this trend. Acai is taken in liquid juice form. It is safe to say that Acai juice that is cold processed and not dried out will be a superior product over the rest.

Another thing to watch for are the ingredient lists on these products.

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Many companies are producing Acai juice with 20% or less of the actual Acai juice. The remainder is filled with water, sugar, preservatives and other cheaper juices. With the Acai’s great anti-inflammatory properties, adding sugar (and effectively cancelling out Acai juice’s benefits) simply doesn’t make sense. However to the credit of some companies there are juices available that are 80% to 85% Acai juice. 100% Acai juice can seem too strong in taste to many people. Naturally the Acai berry is not sweet. When the pulp of many berries is blended it is easy to see the oils that come to the surface.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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