Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sense & Sensibility with Martial Arts?

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This Film is set in 19th century China. It is well crafted and it is full of Martial Arts action. It is about two love stories and revenge of Li Mu Bai's masters' death. It also has certain scenes which are fantastical for example some characters can fly. The Film is well mastered and is set all over China. It appeals to Young and old audience because it has fantasy and romance in it as well as strong holding female characters.

I think the film is well made because it is easy to understand and I like the fighting scenes.

The film starts of in Shu Liens warehouse where Li Mu Bai gives here his sword to give to Bei Lai Yeah but the sword goes missing. Then Li Mu Bai comes to Beijing to meet Shu Lien but finds out the sword has gone missing so he goes in search for it but soon finds out that jade fox is at Beijing, Jade Fox is the one who killed Li Mu Bai's Master so Li Mu Bai goes in search for Jade Fox.

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But he soon finds out that she has a disciple called Jen who is the governors' daughter who is being forced to marry this man.

So she runs away and ends up at Shu liens ware house where an argument between the two breaks out then they have a fight in which Jen cuts Shu Liens Arm. Then Li Mu Bai arrives at the warehouse and chases Jen to the bamboo forest where Li Mu Bai throws the sword off a waterfall but Jen jumps off and catches it but in doing so she becomes unconscious but she is saved by Jade Fox.

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In the end Li Mu Bai gets killed by one of Jade Foxes poison needles but Jade Fox also gets killed by Li Mu Bai. The younger love story is more interesting than the older one it is also more fun.

My favourite scene is the bamboo scene because I find the pictures look really nice a bit like paintings. My other favourite scene is when Jade Fox is fighting the police man and his daughter because it is really well filmed and I like the bit where Li Mu Bai fights Jen because it is very strong the words Li Mu Bai says. And when he discovers her true identity he wants to teach her. The film appeals to the eastern audience because it was filmed in mandarin and that is a good point because dubbing into English is easier than dubbing into mandarin.

Also the film is about china in the 19th century. It adapts the love stories to the traditional love life because it was very strict back then. The more traditional Chinese people would say that this film is pushing the love story a bit beyond the border. The other thing is that it has the usual good beating the bad perspective and there is arranged marriage instead of unarranged marriage. The film also adapts to the western audience because there is plenty of love. And the females are very strong characters unlike normal films.

Also the action is suitable for the young and the old. The dubbing is the main aspect because it is done really goodly and it doesn't sound weird. The western audience might find it a bit weird when they fly but that is ok because they compensate for this by putting lots of action in even when they are flying. The other thing is that the film is about a young girl who is forced to marry someone she doesn't like so she escapes and tries to go back to the desert with Dark Cloud

The scene when Li Mu Bai is fighting jade fox is really good because it is full of action and Li Mu Bai gets so close to killing her. But then Jen appears and stops Li Mu Bai killing Jade Fox. It then goes on to show that Jen has a lot more knowledge of the Wu Dan secret training manual but isn't as good as she can be because Jade Fox doesn't know much about the manual I think that this scene is very good because Jade Fox goes and kills the police man by throwing the police mans curved sword back at his head.

I think the things they say are very strong and are very well thought of. The scene when Shu lien is fighting Jen because you can really feel the anger in there faces and the amount of weapons that get broken. The drumming is well adapted because when they stop fighting the drums stops drumming. I especially like it when she smashes the wooden table in half because it shows the power she has. It has been crafted quite finely because it links up to the next scene which I also like it is the bamboo scene in the bamboo forest; Where Li Mu Bai is fighting with Jen.

The bit where Jen is bending on the bamboo and it slowly pans across her face with her hair on her face is a well filmed bit because it looks good. Overall I think that once again Ang Lee has made another good film and it is one that combines action, love and fantasy. It is very easy to understand apart from it does go on for a bit too long. And I think the ending is a bit lame because it isn't an actual ending you don't know what actually did happen to Jen you just know that she jumped of the mountain. But you don't know if she is dead or not.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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