Crossing the Wire Brief Book Review

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I will suggest this book to my pals due to the fact that it is full of enjoyment and hard obstacles.

Description of Significant Characters

  • Victor Flores - a 15 years of age boy living in main Mexico full of determination and decision to cross the Mexican-- American border to find work in the united states to support his family.
  • Rico - Victor's best good friend who should cross the border to support his parents residing in main Mexico.
  • Miguel - a smart young father of 4 Victor fulfilled in his journey.

    Victor tags along with Miguel as they cross the border until they run into border patrol and get split up.

  • Julio - a street smart kid who makes pocket cash with Victor in a cramped border town till he decides to proceed and cross the border through a drainage tunnel that ends up in the U.S. when it rains.


This book begins out in main Mexico but when 15 year old Victor Flores' household needs money victor has to cross the border to discover work in the states.

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On Victor's journey he fulfills a guy called Miguel and together they try to cross the border into the states. On their journey the run into the border patrol and get divided up.

In the future victor satisfies Julio and together they work on the streets trying to create their plan to cross the border. One day it began raining and Julio knew that it was the ideal chance to float through the drain tunnel that ends on the opposite of the border.

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Victor decides not to go.

A couple of weeks later on Victor notifications an old pal standing in line at the soup kitchen. It was Rico! Victor couldn't think it he 'd believed that Rico had actually currently crossed the border. So they invested a couple of days capturing up and preparing their journey across the border. They triggered a few days later on as mules with a few other individuals. Throughout their trip as mules they heard that they were going to be killed at the end so they needed to leave.

They made it all the way to the highway and then they hitched a ride to Tucson where Rico’s brother lived. When they got to Rico’s brother’s house they went to the front door and rang the doorbell but they discovered that his brother had left. Now they didn’t know what to do. They decided to go to La Perra Flaca to look for work in the onion fields. There wasn’t any work left there so they were sent to Washington to work in asparagus fields and finally there was work. About a month later they got there first paychecks and they sent them home alas. Rico wasn’t a very good field worker and he wanted to go home and go to school. So a few days later he went home but Victor stayed for work.

Updated: Dec 22, 2021
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