Critical Thinking Reflection Paper

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The question that I selected is “Will receiving a college degree improve your career opportunities?” The obvious answer to this question is yes. However, I want to be sure of my answer by backing it up with critical thinking skills to determine that I have come up with the correct answer. One step to critical thinking is making sure that one’s answer can be well supported by factual information. A fallacy is an argument that is based on a weak argument with little to no supportive factual information.

To make sure that my answer to the above question is a valid argument, I would need to conduct research and list all of the information that I find. I may look into statistical information such as the employment rate of those with college degrees as compared to those without a college degree in a particular career field.

Another aspect of critical thinking is checking one’s answers and determining that they are well supported and well researched ideas.

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It is important to questions one own ideas and looking at them from a skeptical point of view to find any weaknesses in the argument. This process can be applied to any area of life where a decision must be made. To ensure that I continue to use critical thinking skills throughout my life I can practice using critical thinking for simple situations, therefore making critical thinking a habit rather than a forced thought.

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Critical Thinking Reflection Paper

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