Critical Observation Essay

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Critical Observation

The aspect of psychological basically relates the scientific explanation regarding the behavioral characteristics and personality issue of an individual as a human being. In this field, the critical aspects of personality development and behavioral characteristics of each person as unique and individual beings are explored relating to their social action and behavior. Included in this approach are the study of the significant issues and elements relating to the development and the establishment of the behavior and personality of each person particularly on the critical conditions such as abnormalities and psychological problems.

Indeed, the psychological field discusses the human psyche and the establishment of the characteristics and qualities relating to the biological and physiological basis of their personality and behavior. There are several important issues and elements that are critical in the study of the psychological aspect of each individual particularly on the focusing of explaining his or her present condition or behavioral characteristics.

On this aspect, a specific approach in line to the psychological research is employed to determine the relevant elements, contributory factors and the influential system to the present behavioral characteristics of each person. Several of the common approaches to this research aspect are the observation method, profiling, interview and others in which the researchers try to uncover and determine the possible cause and contributory element explaining the present behavioral characteristic and psychological problem of the subject.

Through determining the primary root and the possible influences to the manifestation of the problem, further understanding can be facilitated which promotes awareness to the psychological characteristic of the involved person. As an actual example of the aspect of psychological research, consider the exercise conducted by the author of this paper wherein a specific approach were used to determine, understand, and explain the possible causes and the significant influences to the development of certain behavioral issue of a chosen subject.

The subject established in this exercise is a female classmate of the researcher that displays a certain critical behavioral condition namely the alcoholism and smoking problem of the said person. As the person of this exercise, the researcher wishes to determine and the primary causes and specific influences to the development of this personal issue which is manifested in her social interaction. As a primary approach, the researcher first resorted to observation method and background profiling wherein she learned that the behavioral problem of the subject is commonly displayed when she is with peers of her social group.

As observed, the likely need for the said behavioral issue only comes or is displayed when the subject is socializing, bonding with friends, and during social events. It is also noted that the subject spends most of her time for the said activities making the manifestation of her behavioral problems to be common in her daily routine and contributing to the development of this psychological issue. Proceeding after the observation is the interview approach wherein the researcher will evaluate the said psychological issue through based on the exposition and perspective of the subject.

As she relates, the said issues namely the alcoholism and smoking have already became a habitual act on her part. It first started as her medium to deal with her personal problems and as a bonding grounds for her peers and friends which eventually developed into a behavioral routine. She also expressed that the said actions and issues are only exhibited while she is engage to social interaction and activities and are only passive when she is alone. Another particular element she expressed emphasis on her story is the issue of her family situation wherein she must also deal with the separation and certain conflicts between her parents.

Living under these conditions, she started to resort to external means to adapt to her situation and gain stability over her problems. Based from the facts and factors gathered through the different approaches employed in determining the nature of the behavioral condition and issue of the subject, a form of evaluation will be conducted to determine the possible nature of the said issue. As based from the observation and interview, the alcoholism and smoking problem of the subject is mainly attributed to two specific condition namely her personal family situation and her social characteristics.

First, the behavioral problem of the subject manifest as her form of her adaptation process to her situation particularly with the separation of her parents. It is also established that the behavioral problem of the subject also started during this period making this among the primary causes of her problem. Second, is her social characteristic wherein the problem manifests as her approach of socializing, interacting and bonding with her friends who also share the same behavioral condition. It is likely that the subject learned the said behavior from her social group.

Also, the constant practice and involvement of the subject of the said behavior with her social group led to the routinary development of the said act leading to its integration to her personality. Leading up to the possible solution, two particular approaches are important to address this behavioral problem effectively namely, to tackle her family situation and address the parental guidance crucial to her withdrawal and the change of her environment particularly separation from her social group who also practice the said problem.

These two particular issues are the main causes of her behavioral problem as established from the conducted critical observation research. From the determination of the primary causes and the significant contributory elements, an effective approach to address the problem can be created through tackling the fundamental factors leading to the development of the general issue. Indeed, as displayed in the result of the conducted critical observation research, the application of the said aspect in the field of psychology promotes critical understanding and effective intervention measures for the behavioral issue and problems involved.

Through determining the possible causes, the related circumstances, the contributory factors as related from observation, profiling, and interview, the involved researcher can draw an effective approach to intervene and address the problem at hand towards the development of a positive and healthy behavioral characteristic for the subject of the matter. Bibliography American Psychological Association (2001).

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