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Critical Evaluation of a Survey

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Considering the nature of the subject of the dissertation, more time and resources would be involved especially in determining the sample size and subsequently in data collection. With more than 80000 photographers on the block, it might prove to be an arduous task for me, to get in touch with those in the sample size. Moreover, sample respondents might not be too forthcoming in answering the survey questions. I relied on the ‘questionnaire’ format for collecting data over the internet. In general research is conducted within three distinct frameworks: interpretive research, positivist research and critical research.

For this research to be able to achieve the desired outcomes, I used a research methodology which included a positivist/deductive approach on the basis of the most common data collection method, i. e. the questionnaire. Levin (1988) stated that positivists consider reality as a stable phenomenon which can be observed and described from an objective viewpoint i. e. the object or happening can be studied without any undue interference.

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Therefore, to see the responses, I administered the questionnaire over the internet in the Shutterstock contributors’ forum.

Deductive reasoning, works from the more general to the more specific subjects. Sometimes this is informally called a “top-down” approach. This way I cud get the desired information from the active and contributing members within the photographer fraternity. I also took the precaution that the numbers of responses do not just pile up from those not working seriously with the website. To make this possible the questionnaire was posted only to those photographers having a consequent portfolio i.

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having more than 150 photographs on the net. This way, interpreting the responses would be more useful for me, as the responses will be coming directly from those having big stake in Shutterstock’s popularity. Vreede (1995) contend that interpretive research used to be the norm for both organisational Science as well as for Information Systems research till sometime back, after which the positivist tradition has taken over. Therefore, under the circumstances this data gathering method is the most effective one. 2. The Audience Analysis

The audience in this case are obviously the fellow professional photographers, photo enthusiasts and people who love to have a range of photographs on their desktops or notebooks. If the entire spectrum of these people are considered that would become a big task, so my requirement was to have the views of some people serious enough with their hobby and ready to share some information with me. To this end, I decided to have the views of those having more than 150 photographs on the net. That was an attempt on my part to view their commitment and seriousness towards photography and Shutterstock.

Moreover, I wanted to have truthful responses from my audience, for which a professional can be believed. The method that was involved in this process of collection of relevant data was a concise yet comprehensive one, aimed at soliciting the information which could easily be shared by the respondent, concerning the topic. 3. Design of Questionnaire The questionnaire had queries which did not require the respondents to reveal much of their private life, while at the same time it worked towards probing answers regarding a profile of a general enthusiast on the net.

This would help in interaction with other persons on the site and planning out my strategies for the future. The questionnaire required the respondents to answer about their age, their status (whether student, employed, at home or retired), their profession and their place/ region of residence. By using the responses, inferences can be drawn from this data regarding the existing relationship amongst different variables, and scope for improvising this relationship in future. 4.

Use of Internet to administer Questionnaires As internet is gradually maturing and presenting a paradigm shift in its very ideation, the infrastructure has acquired a business character, a transcontinental personality and a vending framework of wide-ranging, business, educational, scientific and personal data. Now the use of internet covers real-time computer conferencing, audio broadcasting, video broadcasting, real time telephony and of course real-time business called e-business.

Purpose of this study was to establish a well studied relationship between the number of departures, number of persons signing up, number of approvals and the kind of income that these people are able to generate over the internet. These variables also required inputs by profiling the age groups and kind of resources that these people are able to mobilise for making their photographic venture a success. Since all this was to be seen on the net, therefore internet appeared the best possible place to administer questionnaire.

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