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Create an Article Writer’s Praise Book

If you are an article writer, you will probably find your job full of many highs but sometimes there are lows. You may begin to wonder from time to time if anyone really cares about what you’re writing or if it’s really worth it for the time you invest. If you are self-employed, you have to be self-motivated and there are times when this may be more difficult than others.

Every article writer can use a little motivation now and then.

This is how a writer’s praise book can help you. Do you remember getting those little comments on an article or blog post or maybe an email or private message that compliments your article? Maybe a reader has taken the time to write to you and tell you how your article touched them or helped them in some way.

It could be that a client you have written articles for takes the time to send some praise your way, telling you how much he or she enjoyed the articles or the quality that they contained or even how their readers benefitted from them.

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This type of praise is what the article writer needs to keep them going even when the times get tough.

A good way to hold onto all of these positive memories is with an article writer’s praise book. This is a type of “brag book” that you can always keep personal to yourself and pull out whenever you’re feeling like you need a little boost or motivation to continue writing.

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It’s cheap and easy to make for yourself at home and it can serve as a great reminder of why you’re really doing this.

I make my writer’s praise book from a simple $1 composition book. I use a Sharpie to write the title on the front and it fits neatly on my writing bookshelf in my office. When I get praise in the written form such as article comments or emails, I print them out, cut them out and paste it into the book. I also use Twitter comments and @ replies to my articles and other words of praise or thank you’s for my work.

I use mine scrapbook-style and paste them on the page and then use a pen or marker to write the date or other details about the comment so I remember what it was in reference to. Sometimes I also include doodles and stickers because well… girls like stickers.

My article writer’s praise book is not intended to be read by others and it’s not meant to be cocky or to serve as references for jobs. It’s just a neat little notebook that I can pull out to remind me of why I am doing what I am doing. The writer’s praise book idea is not just for article writers, either. Any type of writer can use this process to help them as well.

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