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Control Room Analysis

In the documentary Control Room, the film makers construct their argument through the media and it’s portrayal of the “War on Terror”. The film makers follow an Iraqi television station, Al Jazeera. The station broadcasts the “War on Terror” to the average Iraqi citizen as well as closely reports the atrocities of war at ground zero. Through this, the film maker voices the dismay of the Iraqi citizens as well as the assumed false intentions of the American troops. Throughout the documentary many Iraqi citizens speak of the war and the American presence in Iraq from their prospective.

The film maker emphasizes that the Iraqi people do not want outside parties interfering with their counties problems or conflicts. The documentary goes very in depth on the the bombing of Baghdad, the treatment of soldiers of both sides, and the media’s portrayal of the war in both Iraq and the United States. It appears through the constant images of war torn streets and crying children, that the film maker is very much against war and all that is associated with it.

In the documentary, the film maker’s bias can be seen through the brutish depiction of American troops In conclusion, the film maker draws much of their argument from media and anti-american propaganda. The American soldiers and politicians are made out to be fiendish low lives, while the Iraq citizens are depicted strongly protesting or dead on the battlefield. Based on this, I believe the film maker solely based his argument from the media.

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