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Consolidation And Optimization of the IT Infrastructure

Cost reduction through consolidation and optimization of the IT infrastructure is a central issue for companies and public authorities. Virtualization plays a crucial role here. A recent Acronis study shows that the areas of data protection and recovery are criminally neglected – especially in the healthcare sector.

Virtualization of the infrastructure is a general trend today. This applies to all companies and authorities, as well as health care institutions. The increasing virtualization of the IT infrastructure also has implications for backup and disaster recovery and typically requires restructuring and implementation of new backup concepts.

A current study shows that there is still a lot of catching up to do in this area – especially in the healthcare sector. The international survey conducted on behalf of Acronis by American market research firm Ponemon Institute has revealed that virtualisation infrastructures are neglecting the areas of backup and disaster recovery. It surveyed 6,000 IT managers from a wide range of sectors and sectors, including the public sector, commerce, banking, the energy industry and education and healthcare.

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Forty-one percent of healthcare users confirmed that virtual machines (VMs) are less frequently backed up than physical servers. Only the public sector and the retail sector scored 52 and 53 percent, respectively. Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of respondents in the healthcare industry perform only occasional or weekly backups or monthly backups. Only at 34 percent there is a daily backup at the VM.

With these results, healthcare institutions are at the bottom of the ranking in the industry comparison. On average, the survey revealed the following values: 33% of respondents perform backups less often with virtual machines than with physical systems.

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Over half (61 percent) make VM only irregular, weekly or monthly backups. A daily backup of the virtual machines is only 37 percent.

Michael Hon-Mong, Managing Director of Acronis in Munich, explains: “The result of the study is thought-provoking. Data security should be a top priority in healthcare, which deals with the management of confidential and personal information. The investigation suggests that backup and recovery processes are still too complex or difficult for many administrators. “

It does not have to be like that, according to Acronis. Hon-Mong: “Of course, there are also backup solutions that support virtual environments and enable the implementation of a backup strategy analogous to a physical system. On the other hand, as virtual as well as physical systems will continue to be an integral part of any infrastructure, we believe that you should opt for the implementation of an integrated backup and disaster recovery solution that meets the needs of both physical and virtual cloud users. Covers environments. This is the only way to reliably manage the heterogeneous challenges of transferring data, costs and complexity.

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