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The conduct of a performance

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (630 words)
Categories: Human Resources Management, Management
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The success of an organization is simply based on the performance of each employee. It is a fact that nobody is indispensable in the company. The management must give value to its people since it is them who give pride to the entire company. It is for this reason that the management must very well compensate their employees so that they can be more and more motivated to perform better in whatever task assigned to them.

In a most frequent manner, the management must conduct an evaluation or an appraisal process to ensure that their performance is being monitored.

The conduct of a performance

It is for this reason that the employees are aware of how they perform in the organization. The conduct of a performance appraisal is an interaction between the management and the subordinate which often takes place in an annual or semi-annual basis. In most organizations, the appraisal result will then be used to determine if employees are worth of any reward.

The results may also be used as an identification as to the determination of who are good in the company and who are not. (http://www. performance-appraisal. com/dulewicz. htm)

In an employee appraisal process, if the result is poor, it immediately follows that there is a cut in the pay of the employee. However, if the result is high, employees are also given the pay that compensates to their performance. The annual performance reviews are very critical for the organization. Evaluation and performance reviews help the managers strengthen and opens the bond among his subordinates and eventually they can feel better about themselves. The employees as well are more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and they can easily improve their performance in the company.

The avoidance of such decreases employee morale, the organization’s effectiveness and credibility. Thus, everybody in the organization must be open to the idea of the conduct of a performance review and appraisal. In the conduct of a performance review or appraisal, it is advisable to first design a valid performance review process which requires the process to be job-related and valid which can then be based on the analysis of the job and must be based on the race, color, nationality, sex or religion.

Designed standard form for a performance appraisal

In addition, there must be a designed standard form for a performance appraisal. In this form, the complete profile of the employee must be specified. After which, the first performance review must be scheduled six months after the employee was hired and it must be initiated in the upcoming meetings. The employees must also be involved in the suggestion of the updates of the job description and must then provide a written input which can be used for appraisal process. The input must be documented for this will be used as a reference of the job description and performance goals.

A meeting must take place and everybody involve must be updated about the finalize performance appraisal form. (McNamara, 2008) To comply with the contents of the bargaining agreement, there must be a conduct of an employee appraisal or performance review in a regular basis. Once the appraisal is finalized, the employee must be informed of the results. (http://www. csufresno. edu/humres/Forms/Empl. Per. Appraisa. Process. pdf) To this, employee can be inspired to perform well in their field of specialization because of the rewards that come with the results of the performance appraisal process.


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