Concert Report 5 Seconds of Summer

The pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer from Sydney, Australia is composed of Luke Hemmings on lead vocals and guitar, Ashton Irwin on drums, Michael Clifford on guitar, and Calum Hood on bass guitar (Collar, 2018). They initiated their band career by uploading YouTube videos of themselves performing cover versions (BBC News, 2015). In 2013, 5 Seconds of Summer gained international success after touring as the opening act to the boy band, One Direction (BBC News, 2015). By the end of the year, they signed to Capitol Records (Collar, 2018).

In early 2014, they released their first debut single 'She Looks So Perfect' reaching number one in several countries (Taylor and Lee-Longhetti, 2018). Up to date, they have released three studio albums. The concert on 12 October 2018 was the last concert in their North American Tour for their latest album Youngblood. By the end of the year, they signed to Capitol Records (Collar, 2018). In early 2014, They released their first debut single 'She Looks So Perfect' reaching number one in several countries (Collar, 2018).

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They have recognized rock bands like Green Day, Foo Fighters, Blink-182, and many others as their influences (Doyle, 2016).

Five Seconds is often referred to as a boy band and compared to One Direction. On multiple occasions, they have stated that they are not a boy band because they each play their own instruments. The comparison derives from the fact that both bands attract plenty of female attention. Five Seconds of Summer exhibit a far edgier sound and style rather than the 'sweet pretty boy' image One Direction presented. Their most recent album Youngblood obtains a distinctive sound than their other albums.

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They were not afraid to experiment with electropop, giving them an eighties vibe. Their lyrics seem more mature compared to their other albums. This unexpected change demonstrates how much they have grown as musicians (Spanos, 2018).

Most of the music 5 Seconds of Summers release appeals to teenagers and young adults. Being young adults themselves, they write some of their own songs to make them more relatable. The topics they tackle in their music are about relationships, heartbreaks, youth, and life struggles. Luke Hemming delivered an emotional performance playing 'Ghost Of You' because it is based on the devastating aftermath of a breakup he experienced. Ashton Irwin relates to their song 'Broken Home' because it reminds him of the rough childhood he had growing up without a father (Doyle, 2016). They have even attempted to incorporate current events into their music. Irwin wanted to give a voice to those who were affected in the 2015 Paris Attacks by writing a song that could soothe them and bring everyone together (Doyle, 2016). During their early days, they had trouble assimilating into the rock scene in Australia (Doyle, 2016). They felt excluded because compared to other bands they expanded the sound of their music.

The Los Angeles Greek Theatre located in Griffith Park holds a seating capacity of 5,780. The outdoor venue is known for its Greek-style design. Throughout the opening act, most of the audience was seated. By the time 5 Seconds of Summer came on stage, the venue was filled and everyone was standing. The audience consisted of older people and children, but the majority of the audience were teenagers. On each side of the stage, there were large screens that gave the audience a closer look at the performance. This projection allowed the audience to see the emotions each of the band members expressed while performing. The Greek Theatre an outdoor venue became of an inconvenience on the night of the concert. Majority of the concert it was raining. It seemed no one anticipated that it would rain because no weather reports indicated that it would. Although the audience was soaking wet, it did not stop them from enjoying the concert.

The lightning and thunder only made the performance even more dramatic. Guitarist Michael Clifford commented on the fact that it rained harder when they would play the sad songs. At the end of the concert, Calum Hood almost slipped on stage as they were leaving the stage. Luckily one of the guys was there to save him from a nasty fall. The cursing they did when interacting with the audience was meant to emphasize their excitement demonstrate their excitement in being able to perform for them. Clifford and Hood would jump around during their guitar riffs. Irwin showed off his drum skills by doing his own thing and it ended with him standing on his chair to thank the crowd for their appraisal. People all over were screaming excessively, singing and swaying along with the music, and crying from being overwhelmed with emotions. The last song 5 Seconds of Summer played was their best hit single 'Youngblood' and the crowd went ecstatic. It was certainly the perfect song to end with.

Updated: Dec 28, 2021
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