Concept Essay Topics

The Concept of Aging

The review of literature begins with the concept and phenomenon of aging, concept of healthy old age, myths related to aging and new interpretation of aging from research. It also covers topics like correlates of subjective health, the needs of the aged and aging and institutionalization. Then it moves on to the explanation of subjective… View Article

Concept of Martyrdom

The world became astounded after it has witnessed one of the greatest tragedies of humankind. September 11, 2001 is the date where the international community has been introduced to an unknown face of an enemy. With no specified structure, its organization remains to be a vague concept with evidences and facts which are not thoroughly… View Article

When will the concept be available?

Webinars, interactive presentations or lectures transmitted over the web (Webopedia. com, 2007), are fast becoming a marketing tool preferred by many companies. It allows people from different locations to meet online while listening to a speaker or group of hosts. It also allows interaction although limitations are set by the organizers to ensure smooth transfer… View Article

Tyson’s Marketing Move

An article in the Australian (31 January 2007) entitled “Ethanol boom fuels food prices: Tyson” talks about the Tyson’s view on boosting ethanol production. Tyson, the leading producer of meat and poultry products calls the attention of the US government as to the increasing cost of corn feeds due to booming production of ethanol. This… View Article

The Reality of Having Philosophy, Ethics And Religion

     A human being will always have a belief on something that influences his or her action, no matter how one calls it. Humans are rational beings but there are things which they do not know before they act in which case they must have an assumption. Such an assumption may be called a philosophy,… View Article

Social Psychology

Now imagine that you are a social psychologist, for this assignment you must use social concepts learned in this chapter to explain some of the strange, terrible, and outrageous things that people do to each other. Read the following stories and respond to the questions with complete sentences that are free of spelling and grammatical… View Article

Personal Application Assignment

A variety of texts and articles over the past few years have argued for the use of an alternative approach to teaching organizational behavior, one that emphasizes experiential learning. This approach “emphasizes an existential, emergent view for learning organizational behavior” (McMullen, 1979), where the role of the instructor is that of learning facilitator, responsible for… View Article

Positive and negative viewpoints of Hospice Care

Hospice, in the earliest days, was a concept rooted in the centuries-old idea of offering a place of shelter and rest, or “hospitality” to weary and sick travelers on a long journey. In 1967 Dame Cicely Saunders at St. Christopher’s Hospice in London first applied the term “hospice” to specialized care for dying patients. Today,… View Article

The study of proxemics

The study of proxemics was introduced by Edward T. Hall in 1966 to describe the interactions between different people and the way that they act (Hall 1966). As Hall explained, the dynamics of proxemics is similar to that of gravity in that there are inverse influences that two bodies exert upon each other (Hall 1966)…. View Article

Air Traffic Management Concept

This paper aims to show some major issues regarding the integration of future ground-based ATM decision support systems (The Air Traffic Management Concept) and how these systems will improve the human factor in the air traffic system. If present airspace procedures continue as it is, escalating traffic demands are presumed to compromise many things. Among… View Article

Сentral concepts

During a crisis it means that old interpretations are failing and new interpretations should be sought; however, crisis and belief from a narrative hermeneutic perspective are processes in which their attributions and interpretation have central concepts. This has contributed to psychologists and theologians into carrying out research on the crisis, to determine factors that contribute… View Article

Operation Process Map

Part 2: Personal learning experience 2.1 Peer feedback Everyone in our group had contributed much to the final outcome. And each member was on behalf of different responsibilities of the group work. Loan Tran, like a group leader, always offer a rough proposal which tight up with our final objective, furthermore, she was responsible for… View Article

Conceptual /Theoretical Framework

A. Introduction Whatever a person judges worth having, worth doing and worth being reflect his/her values. Values may be non-moral or moral. Non-moral values are those that people want or desire such as activities like reading or exercising. Moral values are standards or principles by which we judge our actions as either good or bad…. View Article

Introduction to Sociology: The Concept of Deviance

Understanding that society has unavoidably primary influences on what is deemed deviant or not significantly reduces the confusion that abound concerning the subject. This paper presents this assumption and emphasizes the pertinent works of several experts in the field. Ahmad and Rosenhan in their separate treatises try to put forth convincing proofs and arguments as… View Article

Financial Accounting Theory And Practice

If you developed a theory to explain how a person’s cultural background influences how they prepare financial statements, would you have developed a positive theory or a normative theory? The first of all, it is important to understand the mean by a ‘theory’. According to Contemporary Accounting Theory 4e, Oxford English Dictionary provides various definitions,… View Article

Innocence and experience

When the theme of innocence and experience is being discussed you can distinguish the correlation between them, ho they both tie into one another. People view childhood as a time of innocence, growth, and freedom from the responsibilities of maturity, whereas adulthood is a time of experience. This coming of age is actually a time… View Article

Online Dating Essay

Online dating is faster, easier, and more convenient than going out and taking the time out of a busy schedule to meet new people. With websites like EHarmony, Match, and Christian Mingle single people are presented with an opportunity that is more accessible at any moment. Talking through an online dating service may be more… View Article

Metaphysics: Ontology: Dualism vs. Materialism

The original idea of the word ‘philosophy’ was a ‘love of wisdom’ (Cowan 2). Philosophy is meant to explore the ‘big questions’ and try to find answers as best we can in the time we have been given. One of the areas of study in philosophy is metaphysics, which deals in the ideas of the… View Article

Class Expectations

My first expectation I had for this class was to be drilled with material on how to communicate. However I was wrong, instead, each and every class every student was encouraged to communicate back to the class. The different layout for the classroom each week made this class like no other that I have taken,… View Article

Concept-mapping software

Indeed, should it be of necessity or required for students to evaluate, collate and compute data in all work prescription in class, important machinery to achieve this must be recommended as part of the needed gadget. (Zardoya, 2001). Business researchers are similarly concerned with the question of whether or not the introduction of information technology… View Article

My Reasons for Majoring in Business

Why I majored in business? For numerous reasons, I majored in business, some common and others personal. All of my reason shared a goal and that is to graduate with a degree in order to enhance the quality of my life with a successful and fulfilling career. My common reasons for deciding to major in… View Article

Is ‘Lord of the Flies’ a completely pessimistic novel

Goldings novel Lord of the Flies is not a totally pessimistic novel; hence this is not the only reason that it was refused by so many publishers. It is evident that although it has strong pessimism throughout the text, it is not without a brighter side. Thus, pessimism could not be at fault for the… View Article

Member of the wedding notes

Stuck between being to young for adolescence and to old to be a child, the protagonist Frankie Addams, has the desire to be the child and the adult. Within herself she’s confused and lost, her body is to big, yet her mind is broken. Through the journey of Carson McCullers novel The Member of the… View Article

Machiavelli rhetorical analysis

Machiavelli was trying to gain the favor of a local leader by giving him advice. Through the use of repetition, historical reference, and persuasive aphorisms Machiavelli effectively conveyed the important skills required to be a prince. Machiavelli repeated himself numerous times throughout the piece. The purpose of this was to relay the importance of the… View Article

The Two Brothers by Judith Beveridge

How is the concept of power and powerlessness depicted in this text? “The Two Brothers” by Judith Beveridge portrays the perspective of a young girl forced to witness the horrific torture of animals by two brothers. The concept of power and powerlessness is presented in the poem. There are many techniques which assist in conveying… View Article

Emotion language term paper

The differences between happiness, joy and gladness1.IntroductionThe concept of happiness can be characterized by three separate prototypes, which all refer to happiness but each approaches the concept of happiness from a slightly different meaning. The differences reveal mainly in the intensity of the emotion. Therefore it is very interesting how these differences appear in the… View Article

The Abstract Concept of Freedom

Freedom. It is the absence of necessity, one’s right to do whatever they please. An open-ended, infinite journey into the depths of creativity where one is not restricted by rules and regulations. People are able to find freedom within themselves and in the world around them. It is the result of lifted pressures and expectations… View Article

Explain The 5 Marketing concepts

Firms and businesses, approach and conduct business in different ways in order to achieve their organizational goals. There are five competing concepts by which firms and business are guided in their marketing effort. The first three concepts production, product and selling, focus all on the product. The last two concepts marketing and societal marketing, focus… View Article

Is Modern Art Really Art?

Dead animals, elephant dung, unmade beds and rice all seem like everyday objects but should we be calling them art? When we were growing up we were taught that art was a beautiful painting – like Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, or a perfect sculpture of a human – like Michelangelo’s David, but we were never really… View Article

Accounting as a discipline has no theory

Accounting is concerned with the collection, analysis and communication of economic information, which can be used to make decisions and plans about business by various users. The Committee On Terminology of the American Institute of Certified Pubic Accountants defined accounting as follows: “Accounting is the art of recording, classifying, and summarizing in a significant manner… View Article