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Computer Virus

Trojan Horse Worms And Other Viruses Computer Science Essay
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Pages • 10
A Trojan Equus caballus is a malicious plan inserted into a system by a hacker that disguised as a normal application. It is normally non self-replicating but it can be replicated as fond regard to a virus. It is hard to observe and take a Trojan plan.A Trojan Equus caballus appears to be something utile. Therefore users volitionally run the package and do n't even cognize it is doing jobs on their systems but it contains some types of malware…...
The Computer Worm Virus Computer Science Essay
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Pages • 5
The computing machine worms are plans that reproduce, duplicate independently and travel to distribute across webs, it does non trust on the host file or boot sector and the transportation of files between computing machines to distribute and this is the chief cardinal difference between the computing machine virus and the worm virus. Computer Worms are skilled to damage full series of informations as destructing important and of import files, decelerating it down or even halt the computing machine from…...
A Literature Review Regarding Virus Protection
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Pages • 16
Although most of the people think that there is nil to make a research in the country of computing machine virus protection, there are more and more things to research as everyday more than 200 computing machine malware are created by the virus Godheads. In the modern universe most of the people are utilizing computing machines in their daily activities. So it is more of import to hold cognition of computing machine viruses and protecting the computing machines from those…...
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What is a Computer Virus?
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A computer virus is a type of computer program that replicates itself when executed by altering other computer programs and adding its own code or command. Daily our society advances technologically and the computers we use have become a very huge part of our lives. Because of the increased knowledge and high rate of computer usage, viruses have become a huge problem for users. Virus can attack computers easily, they can interfere with the operations of the computer, alter commands…...
Keep the System Up to Date
Words • 647
Pages • 3
Wannacry, even with the damage it has created, could and should be a useful case to keep us from repeating the same mistakes. Keep the system up to date. First of all, if you use supported, but older versions of a Windows operating system, keep the system up to date or simply upgrade to Windows 10. If you are using unsupported versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 or 2008, apply the emergency patch released by Microsoft .…...
Computer Virus and Prentice Hall
Words • 482
Pages • 2
Reports of computer security failures appear frequently in the daily new. Cite a reported failure that exemplified one (or more) of the principles listed in the chapter: easiest penetration, adequate protection, effectiveness, weakest link. There has been a lot of reports of security breaches in the news, for example the Sony Playstation Network, RSA Lockheed Martin compromise, Hyundai and so on, these have been of recent and these all show how vulnerable we are to security threats out there on…...
Antivuris Programs
Words • 287
Pages • 2
Today, people rely on computers to create, store, and manage critical information, many times via a home computer network. Information transmitted over networks has a higher degree of security risk than information kept in a user’s home or company premises. Thus, it is crucial that they take measures to protect their computers and data from loss, damage, and misuse resulting from computer security risks. Antivirus programs are an effective way to protect a computer against viruses. An antivirus program protects…...
Virus, Trojans and Malware
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Pages • 4
Virus, Trojans and Malware have actually emerged as leading most concerns among the IT decision and policy makers. The e-crimes are at perpetuity high, growing on year on year basis at disconcerting rates. Phishing attacks, credit card info stealth, individual data intrusion are badgering all the computer system users, be it corporate or a basic user sitting at home. The enormity of the issue can be judged from an incident dealt with by Brent Oxley, head of a leading Web…...
Sources Of Computer Virus
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Pages • 3
Virus infection in Computers can be contacted through different means. Below are the commonest causes of Computer Virus attack. 1. Through the internet: The easiest and quickest means of spreading Computer Virus is through the internet. Basically through downloaded files and documents. When the source of a document is not trusted it should not be downloaded. If at all it will be downloaded it has to be thoroughly scanned for virus with a reliable anti-virus Software. 2. Through Email attachments:…...
Discussion question
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Pages • 6
The lab consist of using the AVG scan in the virtual machine to detect the different threats that were found which were moved to the virus vault. The window defender was used to verify the different infections and spyware that were found in the virtual machine. Malware and spyware are growing trends in the world of technology. It is good to know the steps to take just in case your system is infected with these nasty malicious malware and spyware.…...
Uses and Abuses of Internet
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Pages • 2
In the fast growing world of communication, Internet is comparatively a new entrant 1. But it has brought about a great revolution in the field of communication. In a very short span of time, it has linked together the whole world. In simple terms, internet means the connection of a large number of computers with one another. Now, through internet, almost all the computers of the world are interconnected with one another. Seen in this context, internet has transformed the…...
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What is a Computer Virus?

...In conclusion, as much as these virus are present there are ways to protect your computers. One of the ways to protect your computer from virus are with the windows firewall. This windows firewall is installed in your computer by default. It acts as ...