Compliance With Ethical Standards

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This is an important email addressed to all clinicians and special educators. This email will be added to our HR policy and each one of you will be asked to sign that you read the email, understood the email and agree with the email content. You all know that Mind institute is a new center. We all work hard to support our clients, grow professionally and build a better environment for all of us; employees and clients. This growth will never stop.

As your director I will always look for ways to help us all grow, in every way possible. Some of you have worked with me for many years, like Lucy and Fatima. Few of you have been with me since MI’s inception, like Azza and Charmaine, and most of you are getting to know me and know the way I operate this institution.

It is very important for all of you to know that I hold myself and my work to a high standard.

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Ethics, honesty and transparency are key for me. I am always forthcoming and transparent, and I expect the same from all of you. If any of you make a mistake or broke a code of practice, the right thing to do would be to bring it up to your manager or clinical director. By doing so, you would be honouring the trust placed in you. What is not acceptable however, is for you to break a protocol and continue to conduct your work as a clinician knowing fully that what you are doing is wrong and is not in line with ethical norms.

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This is against ethical framework of Mind Institute. This is defined as Professional Malpractice. This is a red line no one is allowed to cross. We are keen on bringing clients in and growing our business, but never at the expense of our clients.

You must all be be ethically mindful. You must all be willing to be accountable for the ethical basis of your clinical work. This is essential and imperative to the success of Mind Institute. Professional values are extremely important. We live in Qatar which is an expat community and has so many variations in client needs. The diversity of settings sometimes dictates that we deviate from protocol. In such cases, a discussion among you must take place and a unified decision must be made under the supervision of Charmanie. We recently just addressed a situation where one clinician had certain ethical values that conflicted with another clinician’s recommendations. A meeting was set up, a discussion took place and we all agreed to move forward in a way that does not violate the clinicians values but at the same time respects the multicultural setting we live in. This scenario is the way a professional organization moves forward when a protocol or a process is in question.

However, retreating from protocol and ethical values in order to escape responsibility or simply get a free ride is not acceptable. This is Professional Malpractice. This means we are offering services that are below the standard. This means that we would be cheating our clients. This is simply NEGLIGENCE. In summary, you are all professionals and belong to professional associations. You all know and understand that there are standards and protocols that you all must follow. Deviations from these standards will not be tolerated at Mind Institute.

While no statement of ethics can totally alleviate the difficulty and the challenge of making professional judgements in circumstances that may be constantly changing, especially when living in a multicultural country such as State of Qatar, I expect that by accepting this statement of protocol, you as a clinician working at Mind Institute are committing yourself to always act in accordance with professional standards, ethical guidelines,and clinical protocols, as set by international associations and as approved by Mind Institute.

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