Compare and Contrast: Cinema or Movies at Home

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The average American spends about $2,000 a year on entertainment. Many people can conclude that watching a movie in a cinema is very memorable and interesting. Although a cinema doesn’t compare to the privileges you have at home. Then again your home cannot provide you with a huge screen and a big volume. Being at a cinema has its benefits but watching a movie at home easier and inexpensive.

In a cinema you get to watch the movie on a huge screen with a comfort volume surround sound system.

The graphics are way better than your small box television. When you go to the movies you must be on time. You also have to be courteous to others around you and respectful otherwise you could get thrown out. At the movies you do not have a remote to pause in case you need to go to the restroom or ask what is happening in the movie itself. At the movies you do not get to recline in a comfy chair.

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You must sit properly and make sure you don’t bother others around you. At the movies you have to whisper if you need to talk. Then when there is a terrifying part you are strained from screaming or you’re at the hilarious part in the whole movie and you have to stifle your laughter. Being in a cinema there are many rules you must go by while at home you may have some rules but not as strict. Then if you don’t like the movie at all it was a waste of time and money plus no refund.

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There are many disadvantages when going to the movies even with the few pros the cons overpower.

Now when you go to the movies you get to choose your time to start the movie. There is no limit as to when you must be in a chair watching the movie. Plus you can skip all the boring previews and get straight with the movie. Then you can add subtitles if you would like where at the movies you don’t have that choice. You get to recline in your personal sofa and you can wear your pajamas! You don’t need to dress like you would if you were in public you can be comfortable in your own home. This also gives you a sense of security and ease. Then this creates a bond with you and whoever you decide to watch the movie with. You could also watch previous movies prior to the new movie you want to watch. You have your own personal marathon with friends and family. The relationship between you and your friends or family builds and is good in the future.

Plus at home you can invite anyone you want free of charge and you don’t have to worry if someone will have the money or not. You don’t have to waste so much money on buttered popcorn that is cheaper by the box and you get more than you would in a large bag at the cinema. Then if you feel that you need to go to the bathroom you have a remote to pause the movie. You get to watch the whole movie and you don’t even miss a single part. Also in case you get lost throughout the scenes you can pause and ask those you are watching the movie with what is happening. Then fast forwarding and rewinding are also an option you can do at your home. In addition you do not have to worry about others ruining the movie experience for you. You do not have to refrain from screaming, laughing, crying, sighing, est. during the movie.

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