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Last December 20-21, 2013 we conducted a community immersion in Barangay 8a Upper Madapo hills Davao City. At first, I was very iffy about attending immersion. I didn’t see the entire point of attending something that didn’t seem to mean much to me, But as the days wore on during my immersion, I came to realize how blessed I was in life, how blessed I was to have grown up in such a safe and warm environment. With a loving family, and enough money to support my daily needs and education.

During my immersion, I got to meet children who were only a few years younger than me, but who have endured much more in life than I ever have. They didn’t have the same resources that I have had to live a good lifestyle.

The kids were very nice and friendly and cooperated with us when it came to the activities that we had prepared. We laid out activities for us and the children that were meant to be fun and social-oriented.

At the end of those 2 days, I got to learn a lot about those children and the environment that they had been thrust into.

At the end of it all, I am glad that I chose to attend the immersion. Though different from the other immersion sessions of other students I got to learn a lot about the community I was involved in. I can say that All our hard work and labor during the immersion had produced wonderful fruits and were just so happy that we made lot of children smile.

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Our experienced is Tiring yet FUN! This really was a worthwhile learning experience.

A community, by definition, cannot be exclusive. In a community, everyone is tied by common bonds and chooses to look out for each other, not because it is convenient, but because it is right. A community is made of individuals, who are all equal in their humanity. Service has changed me by bringing me into contact with people who I would have not met otherwise and by amplifying my capacity to understand and empathize with others.

I realized that Community Service is important for many reasons.I realized that It is A unique opportunity to use what was taught in class in a real-world setting, to Experience an increased cultural awareness and an appreciation for diversity. It is A great chance for us to network and build relationships. And it provides us with opportunities to use newly acquired skills and knowledge in real-life situations in the communities.

My experience during the community immersion teaches a lot on me. I learned to become independent and face the responsibility being task on me. I learned to socialized with different people whatever there status in the society. And most important I learned how to respect life and thankful for what I have right now. The community immersion open my eyes to many things and reality and I will cherich this experience for it teaches me to become a better person.

The community immersion that we conducted has taught me the value of learning not only from professors, but also from fellow classmates, partners in the community, and individuals, regardless of their age or educational background. It has also taught me to be an active member of our society.

I realized that in doing community immersion, a person will find themselves and be exposed to the lifestyles of other people, which also tends to make them more aware of the needs of the less fortunate.

the Moment when I joined the advanced immersion and went to Upper Madapo hill I consider it an integral aspect of my life. Taking part in community immersion on the community fosters a unique sense of charity and goodness. A feeling that not only benefits those in need, but also advances the self-worth and morality of an individual.

My love for the environment also motivated when I joined the immersion. The rivers, fields, trees, animals – they can’t speak up when they need help. In our world, they often become damaged until someone notices. Community service to me, also means giving the earth a voice.

Community service is not about logging hours proving that you are active or have paid your debt to society. It is about forming connections, lending yourself to something that is bigger than you, stepping outside of your comfort zone to understand the connection between self interest and common interest.

In just a short time in our community immersion leaves us both feeling blessed. Doing Community service leaves me with a happiness that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else in my life. The knowledge that I have helped others brings me peace and satisfaction. It supplies me with a different perspective on life, one that I constantly need to be reminded of. It has opened my naive up to the fact that life is delicate and precious.

There are so many aspects and complications to the world that my so-called problems are a tiny speck compared to the issues that community service has allowed me to understand. Community service is a way for me to grow and learn. My experiences have changed my life, and knowing that I have helped others is a wonderful gift. Community service shows us that the world is not the cold and inhumane place that many people consider it to be.

Still community service goes beyond dedicating your time to help someone else, it’s dedicating your mind to others. It is seeing or hearing something that is upsetting and actually wanting to make a change. Many people see what is wrong in the world and try to change it with more money, or new programs, however that is not what the world needs. The world needs human compassion; it is the engine that keeps us going. More than money we need kindness, and nothing shows the true concern for those around more than dedicating your time to help them.

I believe that the beauty of community service lies in its ability to connect us all closer together. My most memorable community service experience has been in Upper Madapo Hills. It is a useful, enjoyable, and powerful learning experience.

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