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College Education

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Essay, Pages 3 (578 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (578 words)

Many people firmly believe that a college education is mandatory in order to have a successful career. Others debate that with the rising cost of school, it is not worth the debt. This issue concerns everyone, because every person has to make the difficultdecision. Will I go on to college or will I immediately enter the work force? “In 2018, a projected 12.3 million college and university students will be under age 25 and 7.6 million students will be 25 years old and over (National Center for Education Statistics).

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With this information it is fair to say that this decision does not only impact students graduating high school, but also people who perhaps dropped out of high school and received their G.E.D. These adults are now in their 30s and wanting to better their life for family.

It also affects people who received a degree in one field only to find that there is no upwards movement or perhaps they have become complacent with their tasks.

These are just some factors that they might consider when strivingtowards a new goal by going back to college. “Earning an MLIS in midcareer brings particular concerns: keeping up with a demanding curriculum on top of job and family responsibilities often needing to stay in place rather than relocating to the program that best fits; taking on tuition costs on top of existing student debt; and mastering new technology at an age when many are comfortably settled into their current skill sets. But as the library field offers a plethora of opportunities for those earning their master’s in midcareer or midlife, or both the consensus is that the degree opens doors at any stage of the work cycle, and the additional work is well worth the effort.

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(Peet, Lisa) Adults returning to school is a good idea because it will benefit their career potential, increasing their income, and overall it will be worth the effort.

Personal experience can play a major factor in your career opportunities, however earning a degree creates the most opportunities in a person’s career. Even with all thehardships, the results and benefits of this great achievement directly reflects on a person’s open field of career opportunities that were unattainable before. After receiving a degree, a person can expect a significant pay increase to help pay off any school debts. Eventually they will begin to see the fruits of their labor flourish in their bank account.

The National Center for Education explored the differences among young adults and how their educational background related to their income. “In 2016, the median earnings of young adults with a bachelor’s degree ($50,000) were 57 percent higher than those of young adult high school completers ($31,800)”(United States, The Condition of Education).With an education, a person acquires specific skills that have been learned and shaped increasingvaluable andreplacement difficulty.This personal investmentwill in turn create job security.Benefits even extend far beyond monetary value and can be seen in their own personal fulfillment. The University of Wisconsin’s FlexibleOption Team explained “Emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social factors play a huge role in your overall happiness. Those with bachelor’s degrees are more likely to pursue activities that increase one’s quality of life, such as being an engaged citizen. (UW Flexible Option Team). Happiness is not something that can come from money, however working towards a goal or a career that inspires you can. Go ahead and take that leap of faith back into school. You deserve to be happy

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