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Clinic management system

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A system is a collection of elements that are organized for a common purpose. The word sometimes describes the organization or plan itself (and is similar in meaning to method, as in “I have my own little system”) and sometimes describes the parts in the system (as in “computer system”). A computer system consists of hardware components that have been carefully chosen so that they work well together and software components or programs that run in the computer.

This concept includes Information System.

Information system can be defined as any means of communicating knowledge from one source to another, and/or from one person to another. On the other hand, an information system is designed to provide the best possible information to its users. Information systems typically refer to computerized methods of searching, storing and retrieving information. An information system is all about providing the most usable information needed, and is there to empower users and equip them with the tools to do their jobs most effectively.

An information system offers a litany of benefits that help to make the process of managing information easier. Central access, easy back up, central distribution of information, easy record keeping, as well as easy customer trait identification, are just a few of the benefits offered by an information system. Central access means all organization members have one point to access all organizationally public information and increases efficiency. Having information in a variety of locations can be cumbersome and cause information to be overlooked.

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With easy back up, the chances of lost data are decreased and organizational staff will tend to back up more regularly as the system is easy to navigate.

To receive the greatest benefit overall, it is important to understand that it is an adaptable tool that should progress as your business progresses. Information systems are rarely innovative business solutions. They are designed to grow with you and enhance your organization’s information delivery in the process. In Computer System, It includes database for storing data and information. Not-for-profit organizations must track information about people including volunteers, clients, potential donors, current donors, event attendees, who support or who might support their programs and services. Managing this information is crucial. A database allows you to manage and use an incredible variety of information easily. Databases are easy to set-up, easy to manipulate and easy to use. A database allows you to maintain order in what could be a very chaotic environment.

Employees and volunteers of not-for-profit organizations have to manage existing resources very carefully. There may not be the resources to hire a full-time database manager or a short-term consultant. Initial data base structure can be very basic, easy to use and to maintain. Databases can be expanded and manipulated as your organization grows and your resources increase.

Background of the Study

A Clinic in Dr. Arcadio Santos National High School provides health care for the students thru regular physical and nutritional assessment, operational instructions and by giving emphasis on the ideals of a safe, healthy and drug free environment. Dr. Arcadio Santos National High School was conceived merely todecongest the big enrollment of then Parañaque Municipal High School that was in 1991. This was in under the supervision of Mrs. Rosa V. Sioson, the principal of PMHS. The school was named then PMHS Annex San Martin de Porres. It has a total number of 804 freshmen and 422 sophomore enrollees with 38 teachers. A two-storey building with 16 rooms situated along Km. 15 East Service Road, South Super Highway, San Martin de Porres, Parañaque City under the stewardship of Mr. Urbano E. Agustin as Officer-in-charge, was the only building in use that time.

Steady growth of enrollment occurred. 1993, because Dr. Filemon S. Salas, then Schools Division Superintendent of Pasay City Division, advocated and
recommended the establishments of more autonimous municipal high school in Parañaque, school independence is worked out. Through the collaborative effort of the school administration, the Parents Teachers Association, the municipal officials and the community itself, Audience and hearings were made. Resolution was passed. And with the authorship of Atty. Manuel de Guia, municipal councilor an chairperson of

committee of Education, a Municipal Ordinance No. 93-10 Series of 1993 was approved making PMHS-Annex-San Martin de Porres an independent secondary school. The name Dr. Arcadio Santos, a native son of Parañaque with exemplary reputation was adopted. Its immediate autonomy benefited much the youth and community of District II specifically Brgy. San Martin de Porres. By 1994, enrollment tripled. From 1301 in 1993, it rose to 3033. An influx of teachers also occured to meet the teaching demands of students. This was also the year that Department of Education Culture and Sports in accordance with the guidelines in DECS Order NO., s. of 1989, approved and recognized Dr. Arcadio Santos High School as an independent secondary school.

This year on September 1, a mass appointment of teachers, 72 items, were given by the local government under the mayoral ship of Dr. Pablo Olivarez. September 1 also became the basis of the celebration of the school’s foundation day. School Year 1994-1995 sprouted another school in the name of DASHS Masville Annex. Mrs. Virginia B. Vecino was designated officer-in-charge with 167 teachers and almost 300 students. Due to an unavoidable circumstances however, it was closed in the same year. In 1995, another four-storey building with 24 rooms was constructed to meet the increasing classroom needs of the stud entry under the local fund chaired by then

Mayor Olivarez. A year after, a two-storey building was erected through the country wide Development Fund of Cong. Roilo Golez. The building is now utilized as the school library in the second floor and three classrooms for THE-I.A. in the ground floor. In 1996, DASHS Annex was reopened. This time it found its haven at Don Galo in juxtaposition with the Don Galo Elementary School. Mrs. Concepcion Bernaldez, the assistant school principal, was designated officer-in-charge. It had 330 students; First and Second year level with 16 teachers. In 1997, DASHS annex found its way back again to
Masville with a total population of 994.

This was upon the completion of a four-storey building with 16 rooms sponsored by Mayor Joey P. Marquez. In 1998, a complete secondary annex came to existence. Now it has a total population of 1443 and 34 teachers administering the needs of the student body under the supervision of Dr. Teodulo N. Timtiman, II as Officer-in-charge. The fourth building named Golez Building sponsored by Cong. Roilo S. Golez, himself, has found its way. This is a three-storey edifice with six classrooms and the ground floor is an open space used for programs and some other special occasions of the school. August 22, 2000, a major event happened.

Dr. Arcadio Santos High was converted into Dr. Arcadio Santos National High School in the City of Parañaque through a Republic Act No. 8844. Thios was made possible through the effort of no other than the Lone Representative of Parañaque Congressman Roilo Golez. Truly, Dr. Arcadio Santos National High School after a decade of existence has reached its speak of excellence be it academic or structure wise. Its aim to serve par excellence and produce a productive and competitive citizen is needed a fruition of existence.

Statement of the Problem

General Problem
The general problem of the study is the manual operations in generating treatment report and monitoring the patient’s ailments.

Specific Problem
How to easily manage the school clinic treatment record?
Using manual system, the assigned clinic staff is hard for them to manage, organize and generate all reports in the clinic especially in the Treatment Report. How could they monitor the total number of ailments and how do they generate a report every month? All information of ailments collected will be store in the log book and then they just make a report before the end of the month. How could they give an update to the DEPED (Department of education) division of Parañaque for the medical supplies needed by the clinic? The Treatment Report will be submitted to the head
office to review all the types of ailments and to produce a needs of the clinic especially the medicines.

Objectives of the Study
General Objectives
The general objectives of the study are to design and develop software that will enhance the existing Treatment Report System for a better one.

Specific Objectives
They can easily manage their record process using the computerized treatment report with monitoring patient’s ailments. Managing the records daily would be easier with the help of the proposed system without having difficulties in which the nurse and the dentist can supervise all the needs of medications for each patient.

The proposed system will automatically count the total number of ailments every week. Instead of Monthly Report, the nurse and the dentist will generate the report weekly by the use of the proposed system.

They can easily update the DEPED (Division of Paranaque) regarding the medical supplies of the school clinic. By the use of a proposed system, they can send request to the main office for the medical supply weekly.

Scope and the Delimitation

The scope of the study can record the students and school personnel information who admitted inside the school clinic. It can automatically optimize in managing all the records together with the medication needs of the patients. The information including the name, age, grade/year level, address, contact number and etc., can modify and update the data by using control selection of the proposed system. The study is only for Dr. Arcadio Santos National High School (clinic). It has a security that the School Nurse, School Dentist, students or other school personnel who can only access the system. Also, using their own account in the propoed system the
Nurse and the Dentist can generate the reports and can update the information stored in the database.

The proposed system has an account security for the users so that all unauthorized person outside the school premises are not allowed to use. Also, the students and principal are cannot generate the Treatment Reports and the proposed system does not support for the online services.

Significance of the study
The proposed Computerized Treatment Report with Monitoring Patient’s ailment system has the ability to perform with different features such as fast, accurate and user-friendly. For this reason, the proposed system benefits not just its primary user but also the proponents, future researchers, and the country’s I.T industry.

For the Users
The prime beneficiary of the proposed system is the User. This system will help them easily to process their transactions. Because of this is a friendly user, the problem can be easily solve and the transactions done well. Also the transaction will be enhanced from manual to computerized one.

For the Proponents
The proposed system also benefits the proponent’s method of thinking. While creating the system, each proponent will enhance his knowledge and express his thoughts or ideas in order to create and implement a new design and the system performance as well. The proposed system will also help them to analyze the flow of transactions and trace every problems encountered.

For the Future Researchers
This proposed system will help the future researchers because it will serve as their reference. It will serve as their basis in analyzing the current status of Monitoring System. Because of this, other proponents will be able to improve the said system as they create a new design.

For the IT Industry
The IT Industry will benefit this study because they create programmers that can help them to improve and develop more in terms of enhancing the latest computerized systems.

Conceptual Framework

Figure 1.0 shows the existing system for generating a Treatment Report every month. First, the Medical staff will ask question to the patient which includes Name, Address and Contact Number together with the ailments. All the information gathered are manually Record in the Log Book that serves as a database. After recording all information, the medical staff will now check if there is an available first aid medication for the particular ailment. If no, the patient will be transfer to the other clinics and the

medical staff will now record the medical needs inside the school clinic.

After a month, the Medical staff will now count all the total number of ailments and generate a Treatment Report by using a bar chart. It is conflict for the staff to generate a report because of too many record stored in Log book. The report will be submitted to the main office of the Department of Education (DEPED) Division of Parañaque and after reviewing the chart, it is the time to send a supply of medicines into the school.

Conceptual Framework

Figure 1.1 shows the Computerized System for generating a Treatment Report every week instead of monthly report. First, the Medical staff will ask question to the patient which includes Name, Address and Contact Number together with the ailments. All the information gathered will type in the proposed system with SQL database. After recording all information, the medical staff will now search to the database for the available medicines. Every week, the Medical Staff generate the Treatment Report by using the proposed system. It is easy for them to accomplish the report because it is automatically tally all the ailments records counted saved on the database.

Operational Terms:
Analysis – the process of breaking down a something into its parts to learn what they do and how they relate to one another. Ailments – a physical disorder or illness, especially of a minor or chronic nature. Clinic – a class of medical instruction in which patients are examined and discussed Data – factual information (as measurements or statistics) used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation. Database – a comprehensive collection of related data organized for convenient access, generally in a computer.

Design – to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed) especially to plan the form and structure . Input – data to be entered into a computer for processing, the process of introducing data into the internal storage ofa computer. Medication – the use or application of medicine,a medicinal substance. Monitoring –Supervising activities in progress to ensure they are on-course and on-schedule in meeting the objectives and performance targets. Output – information in a form suitable for transmission from internal to external units of a computer, or to an outside medium. Process – a systematic series of actions directed to some end. a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking placein a definite manner:

Programmer – a person who writes computer software.
Programming – is the comprehensive process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to executable programs. It involves activities such as analysis, understanding, and generically solving such problems resulting in an algorithm. Report – is any informational work (usually of writing, speech , television, or film) made with the specific intention in relaying information or recounting certain events in a widely presentable form. School personnel –a body of persons usually employed in a school.

Software – is a collection of computer programs and related data that provides the instructions for telling a computer what to do and how to do it. SQL – Structured Query Language is a standard computer language for relational database management and data manipulation. is used to query,
insert, update and modify data. System Design – is the process of defining the architecture, components, modules, interfaces and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements. Transaction – information processing that is divided into individual, indivisible operations, a unit of work performed within a database management system Treatment – The process or manner of treating someone or something.


Review of Related Studies and Literature

This Chapter consists of review related literature and a study that includes the local and foreign study to make relevance our study. It also discusses the different references and text that are relevant to the studies. Related Literature the researchers cited some of the related literature made by different researchers which are quite similar to the present study. These related literatures can help the researchers in analyzing the problems that the present study will encounter in the future.

Foreign Literature
1. Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Clinic Management System.

“Clinic management is introduced to optimize clinic’s operation. Because of huge changes in management nowadays, management for clinic is important due to the widely spread of technology.”

According to the internet the Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Clinic . This system is proposed for clinic in UniversitiTeknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) to manage the clinic’s operation efficiently. The process in developing the system include patient’s clinic in UTeM. The area consists of the user in clinic which is doctor and clinic assistant. Basically there are no such systems in the clinic. The system use before has caused a lot of problems to the user. Due to that, using manual system seems to be the only solutions in managing the daily works. The system will help out the user in the clinic in managing the work.

2. On-line Constructions of Metrosexuality and Masculinities.

“A metrosexual can be defined as a man who is narcissistic in nature, loves his urban lifestyle and is a straight man who is in touch with his feminine side.” According to Matthew Hall on his Cultural Studies On-line Constructions of Metrosexuality and Masculinities. A British journalist named Mark Simpson devised this word. It can be said that any urban male of any sexual orientation who spends a lot of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle is known as a metrosexual. There are a large number of celebrities out there who are famous icons such as David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams, P. Diddy and George Clooney.

3. Mediwise Clinic Management Software

“Mediwise Clinic Management Software is a fully integrated solution for the business and clinical needs of medical medicine clinics.”

According to the internet Cynthia Anderson tells that the Mediwise addresses of all the facility’s data processing needs: Patient Accounting, EMR, Referral Management, Scheduling, Case and Encounters Management and Financials. It provides physicians, clinicians, and health care executives with the necessary information to make critical decisions about the patient and the enterprise.

Local Literature
1. According to Dean Francis Alfair, Filipino men are spending millions to look and feel good. As was stated in his article, “Machos in the Mirror”, a metrosexual like himself doesn’t generally think of himself as vain, but then there’s this incident where Mr. Alfair remember from high school: some of his friends were assembled at his house so that they could all ride together to a party. As they were getting dressed in their Spandau Ballet-inspired finery (then the height of fashion), one of the barkada

produced, from out of the depths of his bag, a can of mousse, which none of them hapless males had ever seen or even heard of before. Naturally, they all had to squirt some into their hands and smear it on their hair. Not knowing that they were then supposed to blow-dry or otherwise style it, they left the house feeling snazzy, while looking pretty much the same as they had prior to applying the mousse at most, their hair was a little damper, vaguely crispy in texture, and certainly stickier than before. But they felt utterly transformed.

2. According to Noel Manucom, head of planning and strategy at Splash cosmetics, the quest for beauty may also be perceived as a quest for social equality. “Filipinos, especially those in the C and D (classes), are still influenced by their colonial mentality that white skin and a tall nose are what those in high society have,” Manucom says. “They may not be able to afford to have their nose done, but the desire to have a fairer skin can be met by buying products.” In fact, the double-digit growth in skin care popularity among Filipino males over the last six years is largely attributable to skin-whitening formulas. Pinoys are still devoted to hair care products and fragrance above anything else — with growing interest in

bath washes, oral hygiene, and weight loss or gain — yet skin care is acknowledged to be the main fuel of the Philippine beauty industry.

3. According to Fairview Physician Associates -Medical student-run health clinics have become popular programs among medical schools for fostering education and community service among students. The proliferation of these clinics has not, however, coincided with a better understanding of these programs’ impact on medical education or public health. There are no data of how many student-run clinics exist or how many schools have one.

Foreign Studies
1. Clinics Management System (CMS) based on Patient Centered Process Ontology “A major problem faced by today’s healthcare is the increasing diversity and differentiation. New medical specialties are constantly created: there exist a large number of roles in patient care and many different public and private organizations”

According to Prasad M. Jayaweera (University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka) the process oriented business ontologies are developed in customer centered manner in order to develop business systems applications to provide more and more value added services to target consumers. This trend is also valid in healthcare sector although there are some restrictions and limitations that can be noticed in Sri Lankan.

2. Patient Management System by Terrence Adam, BS Pharmacy MD PhD

“Any tool used to assists in the delivery of clinical care from the point of care initiation to completion”

According to Terrence Adam, interest in Patient Management Systems with prior experience as clinical user in pharmacy and medicine development and evaluation of a patient monitoring system use of secondary data for surveillance applications evaluation. It is for one stop source of information.

3. Computerized Health Records Management System for Kitagata Hospital

“Health records management is such an important area in health care delivery because without proper records, planning is rendered difficult”

According to Charles Namibara , the aim of his study was to build a computerized records management system that would be more effective and efficient than the existing manual system in Kitagata Hospital. This was done by looking at the existing health records management system , analysing its strong and weak points design and implementation of a new system. Interviews, observation and document reviews were tools used in data collection. MySQL database management system, Apache server, PHP scripting language embaded in HTML were used for design.

Related Studies
The review of related studies is an essential part of any investigation. The
survey of the related studies is a crucial aspect of the planning of the study. The identification of a problem, tire development of a Research design and determination of the size and scope of the care and intensity with which a researcher has examined the literature related to the intended research.

Local Studies
1. Clinical Information Management for Divine’s Clinic Malolos City “Our Journey towards the implementation of a Clinical information system to the Critical Care Environment”

According to the above statement, there have been a significant advances in medical technology used in patient treatment and care. The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in an acute hospital is designed to treat the most complex and unstable medical and surgical patient.

2. A Comprehensive Online Clinic Management System

“Online clinic management system are designed to immediately record the patients’ information”

According to the Rosa Sta. Maria the main problem of Villa-Santarromana Dental Clinic is that they have the manual way on recording, tracking, and managing patients request which sometimes lead to slower transaction within the clients. This study was aimed to designed and develop an online clinic management solution that will serve as proposal to help the dentist and staff to save time and resources with the automation of its daily clinic operations.

3. Patient Profiling System

“Health is metabolic efficiency, sickness is metabolic deficiency”

According to Ms. Venus Papilota Diaz, information technology student , that
health is important. One place that we can rely on is the so called “Clinic” that provides primary aid and care that will eliminate or at least lessen up our difficulties when in pain. When the transaction of recording the patient’s information is more quickly it will help rapidly the medical staffs in their leverages to assist the Dentist to care for their patients.

The Computerized Treatment Report with Monitoring of Patient’s Ailment will help the school to enhance efficiency and will generate accurate report for the clinic.
This system provides an authorization for the user to access the transaction like generating reports and monitoring the patients.

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