Climate Change: Causes and Effects


Climate Change is just one of those small things in the world that ultimately make an enormous change in our lives. It is the change in Earth’s climate, or you could say that it’s a change in the usual weather in a place. While weather can change briefly, the climate can take up to hundreds or even years to change.


Climate change looks like all the problems that we’ve seen on Earth for ages. It happens because there is something called the Greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is the exchange of incoming and outgoing radiation that warms the Earth. As the radiation comes down from the sun, 70% of the radiation stays in the Earth’s atmosphere, while 30% of the radiation is reflected back into space. It occurs all over where the sun’s radiation hits. There is no one place where climate change is used because climate change happens everywhere.


It is dangerous because it has been making the world basically fall apart.

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For example, it’s making the glaciers to tear apart and make the ice dissipate and disappear because it’s so warm in Antarctica. To this day, we have lost 400 tons of glaciers per year from 1994. This event is making it hard for living creatures to live down or up there because their snow and ice are fading away, and then they have no home. Another reason it is dangerous is because the world’s’ temperature has risen about 1.7℉ since the late 19th century.

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The possible dangers of this are human health risks, especially in the Midwest. Some risks would be air quality. Air quality could get poor as time goes on because of the CO2 in the air. Also, heat stress could get worse with the rising temperatures, with more heat-related deaths and illnesses. Another danger of climate change is the lengthening of pollen season because there will be increased exposure to allergens. So, this event will be dangerous to people with allergies.

Human Interventions

There are plenty of ways to prevent climate change such as limit our carbon pollution, and we must move away from dirty fossil fuels, so we can have cleaner power. There are plenty of ways in simply your house that could help climate change. Some include using LED light bulbs, recycle, use energy-efficient materials, turn down your temperature on your water heater, eat all your food, don’t waste it, or simply compost, or even plant a tree outside. You could even simply try to learn about Earth. The more you know, the more you can solve problems. You could always drive less and replace your car with your feet or a bike. Although, if you must have a vehicle, invest in something electrical, just something that doesn’t run on fuel. You could fly less often because it produces a lot of carbon per person on that plane. As work, you could use less paper. Per worker, 350 pounds are collected per year. Or, you could even use a reusable mug at work. Not using a throwaway cup can help save about 135 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Humans currently have not learned anything so far, we keep throwing away things that lead to more carbon in the air which is ultimately killing us all. Over the past years, we’ve gotten worse in how we act, and if we keep doing this to the planet, Earth will just end up becoming nothing.

Conclusion – Sum it up

To conclude, Climate change is a real impact in this world, and if we don’t try and do something about it, Earth will keep falling apart.

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