Climate change: Big lifestyle Changes Are The Only Answer

The effects global warming has on our planet is no longer something we can turn a blind eye to. Changes need to be made to help reduce the rate as well as drop the overall temperature of the planet. The initial temperature started at 4.2 degrees Celsius and the end goal was to try and reach 2.0 degrees Celsius. For this simulation, I made adjustments to all the countries to help drop the temperature down making everyone accountable for our planet. Starting out this simulation I changed the emission peak year to 2045 for all the countries giving everyone time to make the changes we need to help our planet.

Next was to change the beginning of the Reduction year to 2019 making everyone start the process now. With these small changes, it started to slowly drop the temperature down. The next thing I altered was the annual reduction rate. Changing all the reduction rates to 30% help but it was not enough to drop the rate to the needed degree.

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Since both China and Other Developing countries had the highest rate of CO2 Emissions so I added some additional percentage to those two to help with the CO2 emissions. Making just these small changes allowed for the temperature to drop some. Even a little drop helps get the ball rolling to make our planet better.Making changes to all the countries also helps everyone to get involves with helpings global warming. Getting all the countries involved is a great way to make everyone accountable to promote a better planet.

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Next, I change every country’s percentiles to promote afforestation and prevent deforestation. Both of these combined will help generate a healthier environment and help fight back against the CO2 emissions. ‘According to the article Afforestation: Meaning, Importance, and Current Efforts, Afforestation is the effort to plant trees in barren lands to create a forest’ (Afforestation, 1998-2019). Helping both of these will give new plant growth in land that has been empty and help promote different types of trees. After making these changes the temperature finally dropped to 2 degrees Celsius. Many different factors go into changing the magnitude which includes things like electricity, agriculture, and also the transportation that we use. There needs to be major changes to help with the challenges of global warming. Although it is easy to look at a simulation and makes changes to help the environment we can live without and survive. Making small changes will help overtime if everyone gets involved. Changes like using less energy and making solar panels, and other forms of energy to help with our CO2 emissions. ‘Limiting the use of fossil fuels such as oil, carbon and natural gas and replacing them with renewable and cleaner sources of energy, all while increasing energy efficiency’ ( Ortiz, 2018). This is a small but important step to making the changes needed to better our planet and get to moving in the right direction to lowering the temperature. Although it might seem like an impossible task but it is one that everyone can simply make one change to help. We can carpool, walk, take the bus, turn off lights, and changing what we eat. These small changes can add and change the world.

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