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Christian College Thought Paper

Going to school can offer many experiences. We are taught that we must do well in school so we can finish, advance to college, and from there work. However what if we went to college where the scholastic dream indicated more than simply attending your normal classes? What if you not only discovered yourself, but you discovered your spiritual course also?

Taking a look at colleges and finding the right one that provides what you require to succeed after graduation can be a lengthy task.

There are numerous colleges now, and they all offer something various. Times have altered a lot that we can now attend college online. When reading Arthur F. Holmes book, The concept of a Christian College the 4 primary themes I discovered were; understanding the trainee life, how liberal arts applies to life, how a Christian college can inspire other parts of your education and the outcomes of education with Christian liberal arts.

College Life as a Student

According to Arthur F.

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Holmes’ book The Idea of a Christian College, many youths go to college or university, and their moms and dads encourage them, without any gripping sense of what college is everything about, beyond tentative professional goals or questionable social goals. (Holmes pg 3).

Numerous trainees are going to college due to the fact that they have actually been programmed that way. They appear for class day in and day out, not really sure of the function or indicating behind all of it. University student in this economy need to have a college education to get a task.

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A lot of trainees become misdirected by outdoors impacts of college life and wind up partying away their tuition cash. The social scene ends up being more crucial when the focus is lost. There is a great deal of stress placed on a brand-new college student from the start of the registration procedure all the way to the class. So how do you select the school and remain on track for success?

Looking into a Christian college, you might think, “Why select a Christian college over a secular college?” Its unique atmosphere should support an education that cultivates the imaginative and active integration of faith and knowing, of faith and culture. (Holmes pg 6). With the idea of a Christian college, we have God-given, God-preserved, God-restorable potential, a possible to be established, disciplined, and invested in action to God.

In a Christian college gaining our education, we are more than just becoming the future job; we are already molded and placed here for a reason, a reason that God knows and one we journey for self discovery. If we do not work on the entire being while we are expanding our minds and stretching the muscle, then how do we expect to become that person that God has placed us here for. We need to not only focus on our education but on the entire being from the spirit within. Why doesn’t this all come easily since we are all made in God’s image? It’s because we are all human and given free will.

The foundation of the theological mandate for Christian involvement in higher education can be focused on four concepts: creation, the human person, truth, and the culture mandate. (Holmes pg 13) Following what God’s will has for us and not to misuse them, value what he has given to us. Truth, if we confess that God is, the all-wise Creator of all, then he has perfect knowledge of everything we ever sought to know or do. All truth is God’s truth, wherever it may be found. (Holmes pg 17)

Liberal Arts

Liberal art teaches you to think. We are taught many things in our education that may not have anything to do with our career directly. These other classes allow our minds to grow and stretch in all areas of real life. Vocations and jobs are made for people, not people for vocations and jobs. The question to ask about an education is not “what can I do with it?” but rather “what is it doing to me as a person?” (Holmes pg 25) When we go off to college, we are going with fresh minds to be taught and molded into our future career. Liberal education is an open invitation to join the human race and become more fully human. (Holmes pg 35)

Understanding liberal arts and how the purpose of it will enrich our lives further within our career goals is very helpful in succeeding in the world. The most embracing contact between Christianity and human learning is the all-encompassing world and life view. The contemporary university tends to concentrate on the parts rather than the whole and to come away with a fragmented view of life that lacks overall meaning. (Holmes pg 57)

The Result of an Educated Person

What would a well-rounded, educated person look like, be like, and know? To train specifically for just one job and not allow yourself the freedom to educate your whole being will only limit you in the future. To cover and explore a range of capacities that help you feel part of a whole human race, develop yourself — not just into a farmer or a physician or a businessman, but as a human being. Be reflective and moral in everything you do. Become a thoroughly responsible agent; that is the mark of an educated person. (Holmes pg 101) Fostering morals and virtues, believing in the quality of life, and applying those in our education, as well and learning from our experiences will enlighten us as humans. Taking the gifts that God has given to us and by his freeing us from the bondage of sin, we move forward with realistic hope. Faith, love, and hope bring to life purposefulness, expectations, and humility. (Holmes pg 102)

After reading this book I have found that there is much more to having an education. I have focused my attention on just one thing — becoming a nurse. My life experience of working in the hospital is to have core values such as understanding, honesty, faith, and openness. When Arthur Holmes writes “Not just verbal skills and powers of communication but grace and eloquence therein as well, the ability to say the right thing in the right way at the right time,” it reminds me of my blessings. (Holmes pg 103). If we put god first in our lives everything else will fall into place for us such as, work and school. By going to a Christian college I found I am learning how to educate my spirit.

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