Chinese Cuisine: China Panda

I don’t go out to eat very often, but when I do I always choose my favorite place China Panda! A great Chinese restaurant with even better menu prices, located in lovely uptown Milbank. China Panda offers a variety of Chinese cuisines that even your wallet will love. This elegant, but affordable restaurant is a go-to place when you are in the area. It’s a great choice for a date or for some quick take-out Chinese! When you enter this elegant, but not an exaggerating Chinese restaurant, you are immediately greeted by the wonderful servers.

The servers are not only kind but super quick to get your order in, and your food out to you. The best part of this restaurant is that you never have to for any reason leave your chair, unless you need to use the bathroom. The servers quickly bring menus to the table right when you sit down. And after you have decided what you want to eat, the servers memorize your orders and send it into the kitchen right away.

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In no time at all your food is at your table and you are eating some great Chinese food, that is exceptionally delicious! Don’t worry if you are gluten-free or have a special dietary need, China Panda has a variety of gluten-free foods and will always help you with your special dietary need requests.

I am actually gluten-free myself, and I love all the options I have, compared to other restaurants. China Panda is the best restaurant for a variety of gluten-free Chinese foods hands down! They are always willing to help you out with an alternative option for your dietary need.

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For someone who is gluten-free, foods at restaurants or any foods at all can be a huge hit or miss and can taste absolutely horrible. I have never had a problem with this at China Panda, they have wonderful gluten-free selection that actually taste like real food. If you ever have a problem with your food don’t worry, the server will make sure to make it right! The servers are always polite and are sure to fix your problem in no time at all (they literally run back to the kitchen to fix your order). It’s always amusing watching the servers run back and forth to the kitchen like they are in such a hurry to get food out, even when you are the only people in the restaurant. I have never had a bad experience at this specific restaurant, the servers are always pleasant and quick, and by quick I mean they literally run to the kitchen to get your order when it is ready.

The servers make sure not to hover over you like a teacher that is constantly looking over your shoulder during a test. But they are always keeping watch to make sure that nobody needs anything at the moment, they are only just a jog away from helping you with whatever you may need. The overall experience of this restaurant is great, and you should never walk away from this place not pleased with the service. Once you are done eating you get your check very quick and have to-go boxes at your table before you can even blink. The servers are quick to clean off your table for the next visitors to eat at. When you go to pay for your meal, the cashier is very polite and hands you fortune cookies at the end of your visit. I highly recommend China Panda; it is all around a great place to eat!

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