Kid Marital Relationship

Kid marital relationship is India is an essential human rights offense due to the fact that many women are suffering throughout their marital relationship. Ladies' ages 3-18 marry older men ages 30-80. Parents send their daughters to get wed because they require money to help their household. It is very dismal to see girls marry a stranger they never satisfied. The addition issue with kid marriage is their health risks. One option is, people in India need to reveal a documentaries to the government of how lots of girls suffers in kid marital relationship.

Secondly, the government in India must make a law banning moms and dads from requiring a child marital relationship. In addition, ladies in India must be joined. Lastly, a way to avoid kid marital relationship is education. This is important to me since this is a human rights offense and kid marital relationship requires to stop right away. The addition issue with child marital relationship is their health risk.

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As soon as when they marry girls are taken to their other half's family, where they need to be accepted as a partner. While they are with their husband in a new environment instead of being with their household, this can cause them anxiety. They will feel turned down and lonely that they missed their families. Ladies who were married prior to 18 were twice as likely to report being beaten, slapped, or threatened by their other halves as ladies who wed later on.

They don’t have power over the men for their decisions but if they do, they’ll get beaten by their husbands.

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If they escape from their marriage, husbands will get them back. For example: One journalist named Stephanie went to a hospital and saw many young girls that are beaten, burned, and have cuts in their skin by their husbands. The girl told Stephanie she didn’t want to be with her husband because he’s being very cruel to her and he beat her when she broke his favorite TV. To be abused can be a health risk. Another health risk is girls underage get pregnant. Girls ages 3-18 often feel raped because they don’t want to have sex with their husbands. In addition, Young girls ages 9-19 are giving birth causing them a big health risk. For example, “girls that are younger in 12 years old, died giving birth and some who are not gets miscarriage. Mostly important of all, they get HIV infections and died giving birth during their younger age.” (Childline)

Secondly, people in India need to show documentaries to the Government of how many girls suffered in child marriage. If one person in India shows their government their documentaries everything will change. Let’s say the government saw a documentary about girls living a hard life in India throughout their child marriage. For example, they viewed death or girls that were beaten by their husband and died during child birth. This will show the Government how girls were suffering. For example, the girl who is named Bibi Aisha, told her father that she did not want to get married to a stranger. Her new husband and her father took her to the mountains and cut her nose and her ears. She did not know where the blood is coming from she said. (Too Young to Wed: The Secret World of Child Brides). But it’s very depressing how hard she has to accept the child marriage because of her father and her family. Girls in young ages don’t understand why their parents are sending them to marriage and are afraid to say no. Girls who got married are living a hard life like pregnancy. Today young girls ages 9-19 die giving birth and have miscarriages. Husband’s get furious with their wives and kill or abuse them.

This is the documentary should be shown to the Government how these girls are suffering so the Government can change the law and help the girls too. If no one made any documentary in India to show the Government then child marriage will continue in every generation. The Government should enforce the law for not banning parents from forcing child marriage. Many young girls are forced to married by their parents. If they say no to their parents, their parents will abuse them and kept forcing them. The reason that they send their child to marriage is because they don’t have any money to feed for their family. For example, many girls kept saying no they don’t want to get married but instead of saying no, their father’s would kill their child or abusing them. Forcing child marriage is a very bad thing but families are more concerned about money than their children. Other parents says that it is a law to force a child marriage. Was there a law made to force children to marry? For example: “Whoever, being male above twenty one years of age contracts a child marriage shall be punished with simple imprisonment which may extend to three months and shall also be liable to fine.” (The Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929)

Then why do the parents disobey the law? Throughout generations, mothers who were once a child bride married with an older man forcing her child to get married like she did. Since, the parents noticed that they can’t afford to feed their families, one of their daughter needs to get married with an older man. Why the older men? Because older men in India who had worked hard and got educating well make a good money so the father can sell his daughter to get married. When their daughters are going to get married, their parents and the village made a private place to celebrate their marriage at night. They celebrate at night so no one even the government, would know what is happening there. If one government can disguised himself like the rest of the people and watched the child that are getting married he will stopping them and says it is illegal and they should be punished what the laws says. In addition, women in India should be united. Many years have passed since any girl stood up and said no to marriage. Perhaps, some may have said no to their child marriage but it’s tough.

For example, if any girls escape their child marriage, their family or their husband will find her and take her back with her husband. Many girls are getting married every 3 seconds no matter what ages they are. If any women’s stood up, made protest and awareness says no to child marriage then this can change the worldwide view that child marriage is wrong. If any country like in United States sees it in the news they would help them too. This is why women in India needs to be united to say no to child marriage because they had known what they are suffering for, and they don’t want the same for their children.

The last solution is how to prevent from child marriage is education. In India, girls who are not married were still in school but their parents that don’t had money can’t feed their families so they will send their daughters to be married. Every girl who gotten married and has children wishes they can continue to go to school so they can have a better job. Example of the video says, that not many girls don’t get educated in India because they got married and gotten pregnant). Why can’t the parents supposedly know that going to school can provide their daughters a good job in the future? It seems that their fathers are the one who wanted their daughters to get married in early ages because in their present time with the family now are very poor and had nothing to eat. So the fathers know it will take longer for their daughters’ to finish school till they grow up. That is why their fathers who met Indian men who have money are sending their daughters to marry them so they can get money. If a girl gets education she can have normal life with their families so they won’t get married. The more they will study they can get a job and help their families with money. Even when they get good education after they finished school that is where they can get married and have a good life.

In 1929, in India they had made the law about the child marriage. The law says any men above twenty one years of age contracts a child marriage shall be punished. But throughout generations in India, parents said it is the law to force a child marriage. Parents that can’t afford money to feed of their families has to send their daughters’ to get married. Older men who had worked hard and get good money will be married the child bride so the parents will have the money. If any girls gotten married, they will not be able continuing educated in school because of their pregnancy. Their pregnancies will be a health risk for young girls because they had die during child birth and miscarriages. If any girl in India shows the Government their documentaries about living a hard life throughout their child marriage. Then, the government would know how girls are suffering. Women in India should be united to make protest and awareness that will show the worldwide view that child marriage is wrong. Today in many countries like in India continuing the child marriage but if anyone can make one voice to change it’ll be changed for the good.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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