Diary Of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel

Greg reviews a few accounts from the season of his origination to his preschool years, remarkable ones incorporate how his mom read to him before bed, how his folks' inordinate kissing probably prompted his untimely birth and his troubles in figuring out how to walk. In the wake of discussing what his life resembled from before he was destined to his preschool years, Greg clarifies a portion of the new child-rearing techniques his mom has attempted on Manny and how Manny has been influenced by those strategies, which vary from those of Greg's.

In the wake of contrasting his adolescence with that of Manny's, Greg chooses to do errands when his Uncle Gary appears at the front entryway. Uncle Gary clarifies how he was deceived into a "business chance of a lifetime" and requirements a place to remain while getting back up onto his feet. He moves in before Greg's dad can protest the recommendation. As Uncle Gary experiences issues changing following life at Greg's home, the school is facilitating races for understudy officers.

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At that point, Abigail Brown, who is distant from everyone else after her beau, Michael Sampson, had a family commitment.

Greg requests that Rowley request that Abigail run with them as a gathering of companions; she concurs. Greg's thought is to utilise Rowley to get him a sweetheart so that he can go out on the town with her. At the move, their night is destroyed when senior natives overwhelm their move, guaranteeing they held the move zone first, yet they bargain things that demolish the subject, for example, lights, no more music and a parcel separating a large portion of the exercise centre.

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Michael Sampson even touches base with Cherie Bellanger. Michael assumed to run with Abigail, and he may have lied, and neither Abigail nor Michael most likely anticipated that each other would be at the move. At long last, while hitting the dance floor with Abigail, Greg spots what resembles chickenpox checks all over. It just turns out she had pimples when she was crying over Michael, yet Greg alarms, leaving Abigail crying and Rowley ameliorating her.

The book closes with Uncle Gary winning $40,000 and paying Dad with the cash, and moves out of the house. Rowley and Abigail are dating, and Greg gets the chicken pox. Greg is at long last ready to clean up and be independent of anyone else in the washroom, yet he presently begins to think on the off chance that he is exceptionally alone when a new tower close to the tub vanishes.

Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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