Protecting Abused and Isolated Children Worldwide

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Abused, isolated and beaten kids are traumatised by what the world has come to today. How would you feel if it was you being abused? The NSPCC help these children and do what they can for them. Poor innocent lives are being ruined and some even come to cases of death! This is happening all around the world and a stop needs to be put to it now.

With a donation of money each month, it could help a lot. Kids should have freedom to laugh and play out with their friends and enjoy time and activities with their families.

But instead some children aren't so lucky! Children shouldn't be made to be afraid and very fragile at such a young age. A Childs love and affection is very important at a young age but ones who don't get that love and affection are feeling alone and unwanted- even though there could be a family out there waiting to find and love a child like their own.

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The NSPCC have calls for help everyday. Children crying out for some help! Andy-Nine years old were abused at a very young age. Your donation can help kids like Andy today. He lived with his uncle who left him alone most nights and forced him to do things he didn't want to do. Things began to get so bad for Andy he was beaten severely with a wooden stick.

Another tragic case was with a young girl called Elle, six years old was sexually abused and was made to do things she didn't want to.

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As Elle reached the age of Five she went to school, her father had mentioned to her not to tell anybody about their 'game' they play- as he referred to it. But Elle decided to show the 'game' to the class. Later that day Elle's father was reported and she was taken into care. A year on, Elle is now in safe hands and is loved very much by her new family.

If you was in the same position as Andy and Elle, you would want someone to help you. All it takes is a small donation of �3 a month. The money will be used towards the kids for more facilities, toys, clothes and the equipment that is required to take care of them. Your small donation could help change millions of poor abused lives and make these children smile again. Just to think that the world has come to beaten, abused and neglected kids today is horrifying.

Why should young children have to go through so much pain and hurt? Sadly some children die of incidents getting out of hand or some suicidal from all the distress they've been through. A Childs future could be ruined and they haven't done a harmful thing in their life, or even had an opportunity to live their life with out being beaten or abused everyday. Please, Please make a donation today! Just �3 a month, for the kids benefit.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023
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