Women That Are Abused Emotionally And Physically

Women who are obscured from their future. The society that is so judgemental that people seem not to be able to move forward or make. We are brought to an understanding that women can empower themselves and not be dependant. This teaches us that we need to make decisions that are not based on people's expectations.

Miss Helen Martins finds herself facing a spiritual journey, that she is building her Mecca to fulfill her journey in life. The journey to Mecca causes Miss Helen to stop going to church because she is caught up with her artwork.

She starts to create statues that face Mecca. She experiences neglect from her own community, that is something that most people are challenged with once they start looking at their own interest. The reason for the neglect is that she is embarking on a journey that is different and unfamiliar, especially now that she is showing that some things are not specifically there for a male gender only.

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That is a sign of a controlling people, people who fear change.

As a woman especially, a widow there are certain expectations from your culture and religiously too. It is often found that almost all the whole community believes and shares the same values and that bounds certain people. Stereotyped people are more offended creatures, they usually find it strange when someone does something that is out of the norm and I find absolutely nothing wrong with that. Calling Helen's Mecca "idolatry" (page 61) it's a sign of criticism and bullying in some sort.

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Helen finds herself lonely, isolated, and abandoned. Through the journey to Mecca Helen finds her true freedom.

Helen's spiritual journey to Mecca brings out someone who has been hiding for a long time or scared of being revealed due to the constraints of being a wife and a Christian. New adventures in life may cause others to feel inferior and so, they try to threaten you. So as Helen feels treated by the church people (page 60) Helen must leave her home. Helen is oppressed by these people in a way that she must leave her home which is her own freedom, her Mecca. That is a lack of ability to understand that people have different journeys in life and we are all unique. Society tends to miss an understanding that not everyone will take the same direction in life especially when one has big dreams and they must be explored.

Elsa Barlow is a young timeously woman who is not bound by religious customs and beliefs. Through all that freedom Elsa has given herself, she is still faced with challenges. She is emotionally exhausted (page 61) "Very near to mental and emotional exhaustion". Our journeys take us through different dimensions that lead to a lack of some things in us. As a result, she lacks trust, the most important thing. Elsa's life story teaches us that life is full of complications. Elsa seems to be having a strong personality but that does not mean she has it all figured out, she makes wrong decisions based on her feelings. Due to hurt, confusion, and being emotionally unstable she has an abortion and later she regrets.

Different circumstances cause one to change for better or worse. Elsa fears commitment and that might influence her life decisions later. Elsa is so easy to detach herself when she finds out about Helen's accident. This is caused by the lack of trust and that is a sign of confusion and a little bit of doubt when it comes to attachments and self-open. Through all that that Elsa is going through, she learns that she is lonely.

Patience, a troubled and deserted woman who must make a way out for herself and the child. Her future is unpromising, and it is full of resentment and torture. She must gain strength and eventually embark on an unknown journey on her own. This is a life lesson that one must push harder to reach the top, though it would not be easy.

A tormented life full of struggles and torture. Katrina who is bound by marriage perceptions (page 23) "she can't do that, Elsie. They're married. Her abusive husband who is acting in an inappropriate manner. He is causing her to live her whole life full of fear and uncertainty as he is supposed to be her safe place. Katrina is introduced as a woman who seems not to be able to make it on her own but must depend on another to make a living. Abuse is described as a single or reported act or lack of an inappropriate action occurring within a relationship where there is an expectation of trust. Everyone has the right to be free from abuse and threats as we know that it is not acceptable in any form. Elsa emphasizing the point (page 23) "She has got a few rights, Miss Helen, and I just want t make sure she knows what they are".

From this passage, it shows what challenges are being faced by women daily, that one must submit to oppressive decisions just so to make it look appealing to society. The Road to Mecca is a lifetime lesson for anyone that feels bound or limited. Just like Helen forsaking all the oppressing religious act so to find her true self. (Page 65) "brought to church every Sunday was all a terrible lie" Helen emphasizing that now she is "wide open" and she is free, just like everyone who has a dream must live it to the fullest.

Updated: May 20, 2021
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