Characterization of Lydia Bennet

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In Pride and Bias, the character of Lydia Bennet is identified as someone who is immature, critical, and absurd. Lydia is a young, ruined teen who is accustomed to getting what she desires and is a favorite of Mrs. Bennet. Through over-indulgence on the part of her mother and disregard on the part of her daddy, she has been permitted to grow to be “vain, ignorant, idle and unchecked.” This characterization is exposed through both direct and indirect characterization. Through making use of description, discussion, and actions the overall meaning of the book is communicated.

Lydia is defined as being a really immature girl. Lydia shops with her sis and tells everybody that she wished to treat them all to lunch, but they would need to provide her the money due to the fact that she spent all of hers. She then continues to state, “I have bought this bonnet. I do not think it is very quite; however I thought I may as well purchase it as not.

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I will pull it to pieces as quickly as I get home, and see if I can make it up any much better.” She likewise says that there were much uglier ones in the shop and that this one is bearable. This declaration shows that Lydia is very immature in how she invests her cash and is a spendthrift. Lydia Bennet’s discussion reveals that she is very crucial of other people. Jane and Elizabeth inform the waiter that he doesn’t require to remain.

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Lydia then chuckles and states, “Aye, that is similar to your rule and discretion. You thought the waiter must not hear, as if he cared! I attempt state he frequently hears even worse things said than I am going to state.”

She then says that he is really awful and has such a long chin which she’s delighted he’s gone. Lydia likewise states that her news about Wickham is too great for the waiter. Elizabeth then informs Lydia that Wickham is safe due to the fact that Mary King is gone to Liverpool. Jane says, “However I hope there is no strong attachment on either side.” Lydia states, “I make sure there is not on his. I will address for it he never cared 3 straws about her. Who could about such a nasty little freckled thing?” Through Lydia’s discussions we see that she is a vital individual. Lydia is also a really foolish person. She is really interested in the militiamen. She is really pleased to hear that they are in town for the summer season. Lydia tells Elizabeth, “They are going to be encamped near Brighton; and I do so want papa to take us all there for the summer… Only think what a miserable summer else we shall have!” Lydia only seems to care about flirting with the militia.

She thinks that she will be miserable all summer if she doesn’t go to see them. Elizabeth says, “Good Heaven! Brighton, and a whole campful of soldiers, to us, who have been overset already by one poor regiment of militia, and the monthly balls of Meryton.” When Mary says, “Far be it from me, my dear sister, to depreciate such pleasures. They would doubtless be congenial with the generality of female minds. But I confess they would have no charms for me. I should infinitely prefer a book,” Lydia rarely listens to anyone besides herself for more than a minute, and never listens to Mary at all. Lydia seems to only be concerned with the little, unimportant things that happen. Through the dialogue between Lydia and the other characters, the character of Lydia is clearly described. Lydia is constantly obsessed with the officers in the regiment, and sees no purpose to life beyond entertainment and diversion. She lacks any sense of virtue, propriety or good-judgment, as well as maturity.

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