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In the essay, I have to describe and explain the character that I liked and disliked in the text and a response to both parts of the question. The title of the novel is called “Goodnight Mr Tom” by “Michelle Magorian”. The character I liked in the novel the most is Willie. This young boy came from the city side where he is treated harshly by his parents. This “thin and sick-looking pale with limy sandy hair” boy is called Willie in the novel, which he was evacuated out of the city from the causes of the “Blitz” happening there.

He was sent along by his parents into the country side to be protected and kept save away from the bombing.

The boy is one passionate kid, he does lots of things like loving the fresh breezes and sunny and “Little Wier”. Willie is most important and most interesting character in the text. It really made me very curious about him, that way he acted and how was treated when he was young.

He clearly was my most liked character by how he was raised by his parents –strict and religious. I liked how his shy, timid, socially and sometimes awkward. This character reflects on me a lot because this how I acted when, I go/enter someone’s home or house. Also I can be sometimes liked this when, I’m in a room of people that I do not know.

It creates a visual for me to understand how he felt that time when he was left home with someone who he doesn’t know and that’ll be taking care of him.

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I also liked the things about Willie is that he has patience’s, he gave the person (Mr Tom) some time so he can understand him a bit better and be able to have some connections. I don’t dislike anything about Willie in the text. He has a great personality, so there’s no need for Willie to have any disliked list or category. But there is more things to like about Willie, like how his sees passion through Zach, Mr Tome, local friends and his painting and his acting.

His hobbies are like what ordinary kid do example; us we are young and did all of this things like- Read, Paint, Swimming, Acting and also some music. There’s no other way not to like this character, also he eats/drinks the same thing you do- tea, cake and some lemonade. From the way I described my character, this where I summaries it. My point of this essay is that I choose the character named Willie, not because his then main characters buy by the way he expressed himself from the novel/book. It made a clear understanding of the choosing this character as for my essay.

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