Changing Global or Regional Climate Patterns

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What might happen to islands once water starts rising because of climate change? Climate change is a change in global or regional climate patterns that happen because of fossil fuels and many other things. We could be losing the existence of small islands and their nations. Small islands could be swallowed by bodies of water and there would not be any islands anymore. This means for people that live there, they will not have a home anymore, and they would have to find somewhere else to live.

People would lose everything if the islands don’t react in time before the water comes in and overtakes the island. Some islands that may be suffering are Kiribati, the Maldives, Fiji, Palau, Micronesia, Cape Verde and many more. What are the effects of climate change on island nations?

According to Martha J Rosenthal, the leaders of small islands are saying that their islands could be swallowed by rising seas because of climate change.

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People are at risk of losing their homes and nations because of climate change. Islands would lose their existence on the map and peoples homes. These small islands had major nations on their side in 2015, when islands had signed an agreement with Paris. “What is at stake is actually the very existence of small islands nations like the Maldives and others.” Islands have not acted yet, and if they do not then islands will disappear forever. The sea levels are rising and faster, soon water will reach homes and will soon takeover.

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Islands have indeed started trying to get help by other countries and countries are not really acting yet.

Another source, by Katherine Butler has said that sea levels have risen by 6-8 inches throughout the year, which is just showing how fast water is rising. Which is also showing how fast islands could disappear. Islands are in deep trouble because of sea levels, sea levels are posting a big threat to islands by residing at sea level. Antartica has been losing about 100 cubic kilometers of ice since the year 2002. Which is not helping at all the islands around antarctica because it just would melt and become more water which adds more height to the water. The waters rising leaves a lot of people in danger, like 400,000 residents in Maldives at risk of losing their homes, or drowning and getting caught up by the water. Fiji is doing all they can do to stop the water from rising up to them and soon destroying their whole island. Another source, made by Randy Astaiza is saying “water used to be further out. Soon the water will be up in the hotel.”

The global sea has been rising at least 8 inches ever since 1870. This means they could leave islands underwater if the water keeps rising. It has been said that by 2100 that the sea level will be increased by 16-52 inches at least. Some islands like Tuvalu, their highest point in the island is five meters above sea, but most of the island now is about less than a meter above sea. The Conversation has said that islands need to take action of the sea levels rising because heavy rain and sea levels are causing floods and eroding shorelines which shows how fast water is rising.

Fiji’s prime minister and president have called other islands nations to take climate change action. Islands are trying to fight against these sea levels so they do not lose their home. Islands have said that “ we are all vulnerable to climate change and we all need to act”. Islanders know that these sea levels could take away their homelands. Which would leave them without a home but some island communities have already started moving or trying to find a new home. According to Time by Justin Worland islands have come out to say that “ we are going to do everything in our power to keep our heads above water”. In the south pacific that islands have experience the of lost fishers. Islands could be very good from gone from worldwide maps if islands do not act in time. Many small islands situate in remote locations just in case of the water rising on to the islands. Some nations have already lost their islands and are starting to relocate around the world.

In conclusion islands need to react soon or else islands will disappear. Water levels are rising really fast and we do not know how much until water will overtake the island. Some people might not be able to move or go somewhere else which means they die because they get flooded by water or islands react and they save their communities. Residents could also lose their homes by water flooding them or just overtaking the whole island. Islands could be lost forever if nations do not act fast enough. There is many ways water could be added to the oceans like heavy rain, blizzards, snow, which would only increase water which does not help islands nations whatsoever.

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