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Can Personality Be Changed

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The paper is very well conducted in my opinion because hey have looked at the in-between part of personality by examining acquired and changeable beliefs. They have seen that they underlie many patterns of adaptive functioning, and that they have unique implications for understanding personality development and personality change. There are a few different things that we have learned so far that support Dwecks argument. In chapter 3 page 42, it talks about Moral Development and how it changes the ability to decide what’s right and what’s wrong.

When someone has to make decisions they go by what’s best for them and the way they chose what’s best or them is by what their personality can handle. In chapter 3 page 43 it says that in adolescence they go through physiological changes where the conflict with parents increase, they have mood swings, depressions becomes a factor, they encounter rule breaking behavior, and their peers become important. So during that age period is when the peers have a big influence on a teenager’s personality.

Although there are many thing that I have learned that supports Dwecks argument there are also things that contradict her argument.

On page 42 chapter 3 it states that people ages 12 and bove are capable of abstract thinking, comparing and classifying ideas, and thinking about future possibilities. So in those ages they tend to have a mind of their own and are less influenced by the people they are around. On august 7, 2010 they did a study on how personality is genetically enhanced.

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So with personality being passed down genetically it’s always in your genes and that it will be a part of you forever. If personality can be changed then how can it be in your genes? Personality is a personal trait that developed by your personal behaviors and utlooks on things.

I personally like this article because I can relate to it. Being a teenager myself I notice how peers can have the biggest impact on how I may feel sometimes or may want to respond to certain situations. I also know that some people change around the different groups they hang around with. I know that the way people may act or boss, or parents. I personally don’t agree with the article that personality can be changed I think your personality can’t change I feel that you Just grow to be more mature and can determine what’s right and what wrong.

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