Business Environment Analysis: British Airways


British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier and the biggest airline in the United Kingdom dependent on armada estimate, or the second biggest, behind easyJet, when estimated by travelers conveyed. The airline is situated in Waterside close to its principle center point at London Heathrow Airport. In January 2011 British Airways converged with Iberia, making the International Airlines Group (IAG), a holding organization enlisted in Madrid, Spain. IAG is the world's third-biggest carrier gather as far as yearly income and the second-biggest in Europe.

It is recorded on the London Stock Exchange and in the FTSE 100 Index.

British Airways was founded in 1974 after a British Airways Board was built up by the British government to deal with the two nationalized carrier organizations, British Overseas Airways Corporation and British European Airways, and two territorial aircrafts, Cambrian Airways from Cardiff, and Northeast Airlines from Newcastle upon Tyne. On 31 March 1974, every one of the four organizations were converged to shape British Airways. After very nearly 13 years as a state organization, British Airways was privatized in February 1987 as a component of a more extensive privatization plan by the Conservative government.

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The transporter extended with the securing of British Caledonian in 1987, Dan-Air in 1992, and British Midland International in 2012. Its overwhelming nature features the scope of the nation's impact the same number of its goals in a few areas were verifiably part of the British Empire.

In addition, the report will develop a PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, Porter's Five Forces, and Ansoff Matrix. At long last, the report will assess the rate at which the key variables are evolving.

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Internal Analysis

Distinctive variables influence the internal environment inside which British Airways works. British Airways operates in a profoundly focused condition with new participants in the market. By directing a SWOT analysis, the aircraft can comprehend its internal environment, by taking a gander at its qualities and shortcomings.


  • Backed by the United Kingdom Government.
  • British Airways has its own engineering branch to maintain its aircraft fleet.
  • Nearly 100 years of experience in the airline industry.
  • The airline focuses on quality, thus, high customer satisfaction.


  • Over dependence in the United Kingdom airline market.
  • Severe competition from other leading airlines around the globe.
  • Low return on invested capital for the company.
  • Constrained capacity of Heathrow airport.


  • International market expansion in the airline industry.
  • Pressure on other small players in the airline industry.


  • How London will survive after Brexit (Zhang, 2018).
  • Disputes occuring due to employee strikes.

External Analysis

PESTEL Analysis

PESTLE Analysis indicates the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors that affect the operations of British Airways.

Political Factors

Airlines need to work inside a working confinement. Coalition with different airlines expands the reachability of the airlines over it course union encourages the partnership individuals to leave on political advantage commonly. British Airways must consider the impact of the political factors alongside the natural and ecological issues with more accentuation on lawful guidelines on worker and client intrigue.

A decade ago was one of the testing times for the aircraft business regarding security with occasions like fear assaults crosswise over US in 2001 and in UK in 2005 which caused political lopsidedness and emergency. Client certainty was record-breaking down because of the dread assaults in the previous 10 years and has brought about strict security laws in the US and European skies for airlines.

The specialists have needed to ensure that specific tenets have been established to ensure that the airlines are protected and that they submit to the standards. British Airways have needed to depend on the political and condition impacts on the criticism that they get the opportunity to settle on what course if move to make on the airline.

Economical Factors

The worldwide economy encountered a sharp downturn amid the most recent decade, and this influenced the air travel request. In 2008 the economy of the created nations just as from the developing markets encountered a significantly decline in development. The aircraft business lost a tremendous piece of its typical benefits. These progressions lead to an adjustment sought after; costumers are not prepared and not ready to pay previous costs for the aircrafts. A few contenders of BA decline their value level as of now.

The monetary variables influencing British Airways incorporate low obtaining propensities because of the extreme financial occasions that have been felt in various locales of the world. Additionally, numerous pieces of the world are yet encountering low monetary advancement to the financial retreat. This has contrarily influenced the profits of British Airways. In any case, the airline is enthused about tending to such issues. For example, it has made frameworks and approaches that have inventive and creative structures, which have helped the organization, move the money related hazards.

The interest in air travel is portrayed by a high pay elasticity. Therefore, as the world economy develops, the interest in air travel will likewise improve.

Social Factors

Airline consumers use brand offer as the principle factor when they come to utilize airline administration. Therefore, this changing interest and way of life impacted airlines to focus on the vibe of their airlines and fabricate amazing brand to increase little pick up instead of loosing piece of the overall industry. On a normal more established fliers in European nations constrain airlines to grow new systems in connection to their objective gatherings. This is additionally required in perspective on the way that higher quantities of suburbanites and the interest of lower cost airlines demonstrate a mentality change with respect to airlines, possibly causing picture issues for organizations giving greater expense air administration.

Technological Factors

Advance innovation is utilized by British Airways to build designing and the administration nature of the flights which are the course to upper hand. To beneficially fulfill client needs, an association must comprehend its outer and inside circumstance including the client, the market and its own abilities. Moreover, it needs to comprehend and adjust to the dynamic and wild factors of the earth in which it works. Innovation in this industry is quick moving and over the top expensive. Coalitions give the open door for joint speculation adventures, for example, shared registration frameworks.

Environmental and Legal Factors

Gas emanations from the organization have caused a national commotion as they lead to an unnatural weather change and later outcome in other ecological issues. There have additionally been a few commotion grumblings, and it is basic that the airline put chiefly into battling natural change. Naturally cognizant social orders have additionally legitimately sued the organization for disregard, which has discolored the brand name, just as set the organization into misfortunes as far as the lawful expenses.

Porter's Five Forces Analysis of British Airways

Porter's Five Forces centers around the environment with which the airlines work. The investigation incorporates the passage and leave hindrances, industry contentions, just as the dealing intensity of the providers and the bartering intensity of the purchasers in the business. The danger of substitute is likewise part of the conditions and one of the components that ought to be considered under Porter's Five Forces Analysis.

Threat of New Entrants - Low

There are a few boundaries to new organizations wanting to go into the airline business. One is the solid estimates forced by industry controllers. Moreover, interest in the business additionally requires a significant enormous measure of cash. In a few markets as well, British Airways may discover it somewhat difficult to enter because of the expanding number of moderate whole deal transporters. Be that as it may, the withdrawal of Air Asia from the European market will move in the direction of preventing numerous new minimal effort carrier organizations from entering the market. By and large, there is no critical danger of new contestants into the market.

Threat of Substitutes - Moderate

Threat of substitute administrations for an airline isn't critical. It must be cleared up that even though there is a substitution for air travel, spoken to by different methods of transportation, for example, vehicles and ocean transports, air travel stays as the quickest type of movement. Starting here of view, it very well may be contended that there is no substitution to planes to travel a huge number of miles in a matter of couple of hours. In the meantime, quickly creating web-based data and correspondence advancements speak to backhanded substitution for air travel.

Bargaining Power of Buyers - High

British Airways predominantly centers around travelers for its incomes. Although the organization offers short pull flight administrations, there is a wide scope of choices for travelers crosswise over Europe. This gives the clients some power since they can undoubtedly purchase tickets from different organizations that offer less expensive costs. Be that as it may, their forces are constrained with regards to universal flights since British Airways has a progressively viable worldwide system. Through the web, travelers can now effectively acquire data about the airlines, giving them more capacity to pick the organization to fly with.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers - Low

British Airways acquires its planes, aviations fuel from other flight organizations to maintain its business. These providers direction a specific dimension of aggregate power in the business, which may affect the gainfulness of the carrier organization's tasks. For example, an abnormal state of rivalry among the providers, could guarantee better costs of flying machines and fuel. British Airways essentially depends on two producers for its planes; Airbus and Boeing. Since these two are the fundamental providers to British Airways, they direction a higher bargaining power.

Industry Rivalry - High

British Airways offers both long and short pull flight administrations. In the whole deal class, there is no distinction among British Airways and other airline organizations, with respect to their administrations and estimating. The short pull division is be that as it may, very divided due to the presence of a few organizations offering the administrations. Many opponent organizations are moving mergers to stay productive, in this manner, pushing the dimension of rivalry significantly further.

Ansoff Matrix

The Ansoff Matrix is a strategic management tool that outlines the product and marketing choices that are available for an airline as noted by Hussain et al. (pp. 196). The four main elements of an Ansoff matrix include market penetration, diversification, market development, and product development.

Market Penetration

Market penetration systems include a circumstance in which a firm endeavor to enter a current market with the current item advertising. Market entrance technique for British Airways routes if there should arise an occurrence of short pull flights would incorporate giving a superior item offering by improving its administration quality. What's more it could likewise embrace an audit of its division methodology to incorporate more client sections in the market.

Product Development

Product improvement for British Airways could incorporate prompting new administration contributions, for example, reliability programs, tie ups explicit for corporate class travelers, new bundles and so forth.

Market Development

Market advancement centers around building up the new market of clients in new section. British Airways is attempting their best to get back the business class clients from their rival Virgin Atlantic Airlines. To take this further the British Airways had presented the dedication programs for their business clients. They have likewise presented all business benefits in their departure from London to New York.

Even a procedure could be incorporated to go into new regions which are not served by the airline. These regions could be recognized by embracing a market overview which would give a thought of the business sectors which can be incorporated into the administration guide of the airline.


Diversification is certainly not a reasonable choice for British Airways considering the way that this procedure would require relocation of production network and vertical reconciliation which may not be plausible for the firm. In addition, embracing such a technique would prompt loss of spotlight on the present business markets which would not be achievable for the firm.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Internal and External examination of the airlinr tasks portrays that the airline's best administration includes the utilization and use of new innovations in their activities and exercises. In any case, to advance its productivity and income age, it is critical that the organization's best administration incorporates imaginative and creative methodology in their tasks and exercises in the public eye. The company's vital administration tasks and techniques ought to likewise cover broadening and development of the firm activities to new areas in the worldwide network. Even though British Airways is drafting the approaches so as to reconstruct the connection between the administration and the representatives yet there is a need to investigate the reward framework in the organization for the workers. Escalated preparing ought to be given to the representatives. This is second profoundly prescribed methodology and it is basic for the British Airways to have the establishments done right the absolute first time or else the missteps can hurt the brand picture of the carrier.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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